Report This!

Well guys this is kinda super cool – and it is only going to get cooler.  We’ve upgraded the reporting functionality within DE streaming so that you can really zoom in and see usage like you’ve never seen it before.

Within the new reports you now have the ability to see who is creating and accessing Writing Prompts, Quizzes, and Assignments, sound files, and images- all at the user, school and district levels!  In addition you can run a report to see what the top non-video assets are being accessed by the school and district level.

And if that isn’t the cat’s meow, you can also see the top video and video segments streamed and/or downloaded accessed at the school and district level.

As an Administrator – how cool are these reports?  How easy will it be to walk the halls and know that in classroom 2A they are probably working on a writing prompt or watching a video on xyz?

By the way, for those keeping score at home, within DE streaming we have one full video, one video segment, one article and three images related to the keyword search “xyz.”  And you wonder why I have the name Geekybird?

All of these reports can be generated to in web-based, pdf, xls, csv and rtf formats.

Of course I’ve created a ppt for you to that will walk you through the “how to’s” of  creating and running these reports.  I’ve posted it within the Bird House but also made it available to you right here :->Running Reports Within Admin – New and Improved!

Enjoy and happy reporting!


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  1. Katie said:

    Hooray! Reports are important to my district. This provides even more data.
    Thanks, Matt!

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