Understanding Your Students’ iBrains

Thank you to everyone for their discussion and feedback on the presentation.  Please add additional comments to the blog so that I can continue to develop the presentation.  This was it’s first run so I want to continue to develop it.  The virtual conference was a phenomenal event and kudos to everyone who attended, participated, or presented.

Many of you asked about the photos included and the videos.  The videos came from Discovery Education streaming’s Human Body series.  The photos are a combination of personal photos, friends photos, and some from flickr.  If you want the video I can send it to you.

You can find the “Understanding Your Students’ iBrains” presentation here (My talking points are in the notes section of each slide).  It was too large to upload to my blog 🙁


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  1. Sheri Edwards said:

    Thanks for all the information to ponder and apply. Would you be able to email the video portion? Thanks.

    I so identify with (I think I have it right)students demand “relevant, instant, engaging, and fun” participation. In my classroom, I move, praise individually, interact, and add humor in a constant dialogue of teaching WITH my young 4-8 grade students. If I don’t, they’re turning to each other for fun, relevance, instant attention, and engagement. 🙂

  2. Deb Bolinger said:

    I would love to have you email me the video as well. This is an excellent presentation!! Thank you for sharing.

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