Get Some Rest!

It’s baa-aack! The Insomnia Film Festival that is. 24 hours of cinema making bliss (or pandemonium). It’s fun. It’s quick. It’s exhausting. Assemble a team and come up with an original story and incorporate at least 3 elements from the super secret list that won’t be released until Nov. 15th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Then, you have all the way until 8:59 a.m. EST on November 16th to upload a 3 minute masterpiece. Get a team together and register by Nov. 13th. You can view last year’s winners and the ‘07 criteria here. But one of my personal favorites, Speechless, is from 2006.


Just as AFI’s second movie review challenge winds down and Halloween looms on the horizon, ScreenNation has another challenge and another Flip cam for the winner. In the spirit of the season, it’s Ghost Whisperer’s Jennifer Love Hewitt encouraging students to tell a ghost story. This one closes on November 14th, just in time to give everyone plenty of time to rest up for the Insomnia Festival and give one lucky spooktacular creator something else to be thankful for. I wonder if I could get my nephews to put that old Boy Scout legend of the pink-eyed walligammus on film…

The American Film Iinstitute’s ScreenEd program may have lost funding and been shelved, but the AFI’s own Bob Jennings is doing his best to make sure its spirit lives on over at ScreenNation. He has migrated some of the more useful assets like a few “Lights, Camera, Education!” how-to sample clips narrated by Sean Astin and (my personal favorite) the downloadable PDF 21st Century Teacher’s Handbook: Protocol and Materials Guide to the Screen Eduction Process from the old link. They can both be found in Channels section on ScreenNation. Of course, you Discovery Education streaming subscribers have full access to the two and a half hours of LCE! videos as well as the handbook which is the “teacher guide” found along with all of the “Lights, Camera, Education!” clips.


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