OKCPS Is Off and Running!


Okay…OKCPS knows how to have a good time!  There are a number of highlights from last Friday’s Day of Discovery that come to mind, but the clear winners are: 1. OKCPS does the best “DEN Finger” in all of the Central US, 2. Friday’s group was WAY too much fun, and 3. SONIC Blue Coconut Creme Slushes rock!  Thanks to Shelley and Kathleen for inviting us in and allowing us to share our ideas!


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  1. Nguyet said:

    You both were dynamic and informative! I love the way you integrated tech tools with DE Streaming–especially love the live web with PowerPoint!

  2. Marcie Lee said:

    We loved having you here in OKC and can not wait for you come back. You guys really know how to put on a great workshop with loads of good information.

  3. Dianna Vaughn said:

    I enjoyed the workshop.
    But>>> I need a small workshop with a computer in front of me.
    And only 1 or 2 skills on HOW to record your
    child’s reading etc. step by step.
    I wish I had a written cheat sheet to tell
    me how or video. Whatever, just something to
    get started with. I’m excited about it but I
    don’t know where to start.
    Once I learn I will be a Great teacher for
    this site because I think the concept is wonderful.

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