It's a Wrap – Boo!

As always, the DEN in SL knows how to ‘deck the halls’…oh…wait…that would refer to a winter holiday!LOL  And though some of us in the NorthEast did enjoy a substantial snowfall, the weather in SL has been hauntingly crispy!  Sunday saw the 2nd Halloween Hoop-la (for lack of a better term…and for lack of caffeine) with music, dancing, bobbing for apples, a pumpkin shaped hottub (you have to see it to believe it!), and a fortune telling arcade-style game. 

The shots below attest to the fact that our guests know how to dress for the occasion.  We had Cleo (sans asp I might add…and also lacking ‘Anthony’), we had a witch, and if you were thirsty we even had a pitcher of Kool-Aid (oh wait….that was Steve!), and a new DEN member (Edword Waffle) dressed as a pizza, and I believe at one point we even had a bottle of beer to go with that (no, I won’t mention WHO!!!! LOL), and even our Island Manager (Fleet) managed to make an appearance!
Oct 26_083

Oct 26_064

Oct 26_061

Oct 26_041

10-26 halloween party_026

10-26 halloween party_010


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