Snapshot from Fall Science Supervisors Meeting in Charlotte

The Fall Science Supervisors Meeting was held in Charlotte, NC, October 29, 2008, in conjunction with the North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) meeting and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) regional meeting.  The purpose of these meetings were to update districts on current North Carolina issues and national initiatives in science education.

  • Elementary, Middle and High School Science and Graduation Project– An effort is being made by districts in our state to share what I would call: “tips and tricks”.
  • New Units aligned to Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy– CD containing the science curriculum units in K-12 Science are ready. Participants received three CDs. One K-5, one 6-8, and high school. This resource will be available online soon. It was announced that the resource will be password protected for copyright reasons. Also, the units have include SIOP strategies for ELL students. My teachers will like that. Thanks NCDPI!
  • Standard Course of Study Revision– is currently slated for June 2009! That is right, not a draft, the final version. Science textbook adpotion will follow for the coming school year (’10-’11).
  • Two Science CompetitionsScience Fair and Science Olympiad.
  • CCSSO STEM education initiative update– I must have been checking my BlackBerry’s email or Twittering when this topic was discussed. Sorry!
  • Testing updates– One thing that I did not know about EOG test schools in Science for grades 5 and 8, is a push to make the test scores a part of the ABC Performance Composite, which would not effect ABC Bonus Money. I am not going to say what I want about that pot of money, it would not be politically correct- wink wink. Oh, and this appears to not be “writing in stone” at this point in time. So, stay tuned middle school folks.
  • Presidential awards (PAEMST)– packet contains a flyer. Interesting point here was a we are encouraged to nominate a middle school science teacher.
  • Professional Development OpportunitiesTeacher Academy
  • MSP Project updates
  • Exemplary Science programs– opps, must have been looking in my bag os swag…If you are reading this post and you were there please add your snap shot.
  • Future Meetings and Institutes– lots of dates or ideas about possible future dates for meetings. One proposed meeting is a Spring Science Supervisors Meeting. Hey that would be cool. IMHO, we need to have it at Wrightsville Beach. Like the week after school ends.
  • Ready, Set, SCIENCE! – Thanks to Bev Vance for a great overview of this great resource.

Edd Dunlap, Science Section Chief, Ragan, Spain, and Benita Tipton, you guys rock! Ok, enough brown-nosing. Oh, one more thing- As much as the Westin charges for rooms, it is hard to believe they wanted to charge for WiFi in the rooms. Capitalists!!!   [Maybe I could have left that out]

Have you heard that “inquiry” is now referred to as “Science as Practice”?


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