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jh.pngAn exploding mind can be a good thing.  I was asked to work with the faculty at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins on the topic of educational technology.  This was an important group by itself– and representative of an extremely important segment in education:  the teacher preparation programs across the country.  They monitor, they observe, they implement, they evaluate and assess. That was why it was exciting when they wanted to see the state of the art in K-12 technology. I supplied that–but with a shotgun.  Afterwards, I realized I had shared the more than 20 (count ’em) applications, projects, and Web 2.0 sites posted below.  Without giving the participants Red Bull.  I apologize.  But that is the state of the art–a whirling, mind blowing field of potential for education.  Now it’s important for the professors (and the rest of us) to select one, maybe two, from this score+ of apps and projects.  Next, I’m hoping we establish a step-by-step set-up of accounts and trainings and watch what happens when a world class group works with it.   It may be that the innovations and best practices in the future may come from the schools of education like Hopkins. Think webquests and Bernie Dodge
The 70 minute list and their links follow.  Replicate at own risk.

Google Translator – we translated web sites and phrases
Gcast  – example Jen Dorman’s 9th grade producers
YouTube uploads (Teryl’s substitute teachers, etc.)
Flip Cams (easy transfer to PC’s–and waterproof cases)***
Discovery Education media (streaming, assessment) – projects begin with great learning assets
Ustream (free web-based “tv channel”)
Second Life – the DEN house on ISTE island, Ball State, Intelligirl professor Sarah Robbins
Twitter – “just in time” social networking
Horizon Project (Vicki Davis) –  also Flat Classroom
Google Earth – Placemarks, image overlays
Blogs – from students, classroom leaders, industry
California Student Media Festival
Plurk – Twitter, but with threads
Google Advanced Search – we searched for PowerPoints on diversity
Rock Our World – (Carol Anne McGuire)
GoogleLitTrips (Jerome Burg)
Jott – Voice to text.  Alternative services (lifehacker’s list, including free alternatives)
Qik – Life video feeds from cellphones
Cellphones (texting, videos)
GPS (e.g., cellphones)
CISCO’s IP webcams

**PS I forgot to note that for inserting PowerPoint in PCs, change the file extension from .avi to .wmv.


Next, the video of DEN teachers landing on the moon. Sort of …


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks to Elizabeth and Lori from the SL DEN gang for that correction! Visit the DEN house. It is quite amazing and there is often interesting goings on. Dancing mandatory.

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