Thank you, Studs!


It seems very appropriate that I learned of the death of consummate people’s storyteller Studs Terkel in an email from Joe Lambert, director of the Center for Digital Storytelling. And what a wonderful tribute Joe set up a few years ago, “May 16, the International Day for Sharing Life Stories was chosen, in part, because it is Studs Terkel’s Birthday. We felt it critical to honor his life, while he was still around, able to share the idea that an entire world holds a debt of gratitude for his work.” I’m sure the CDS workshop that is coming to Studs’ hometown of Chicago November 19th-21st will have special resonance for all involved. Well before “talk” radio and sound bites Studs would draw out the life stories of both the famous and the common man on his radio show, in his books and his other various writings. I enjoyed his insight, wit, expectation of respect and justice for all ever since a classmate tuned me in to him more than four decades ago which is just about the last half of Studs’ career. His radio home – WFMT, from whom I borrowed the lead picture, has a great website where you can learn more and even share. After hearing a few people reflect on his life on the news last night, I think I can summarize most of our feelings about him with he was a great storyteller because he was a great listener.


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