NJEA Technology Showcase

Long gone are the days when bringing technology
into the classroom meant signing out the overhead
projector and being tech savvy meant knowing
how to program the VCR. Today’s students blog08Conventionlogo.jpg
and wiki. They join online discussion groups and
social networks. They post content on YouTube.
They podcast and vodcast.

the same. And they’re integrating
these technologies
into their daily
instruction. Come to
the NJEA Convention
to learn what
they are up to.
NJEA and the New
Jersey Center for
Teaching and Learning
are proud to sponsor
this new educational technology
experience at the 2008 NJEA Convention.
The Technology Integration
Showcase is an area on the exhibit
hall floor for NJEA members to
share their state-of-the-art use of
educational technology integration
with other educators.

The technology schowcase will be running all day (from 9am-5pm) on Thursday 11.6 & Friday 11.7.  Make sure you stop by to support your colleagues & to get an up-close & personal look at the exciting & creative ways they are infusing technology in their classrooms.  I’ll be there too, so please stop by and say “Hi”!

Here’s a run-down of the topics that will be presented:

  • Broadcasting and Podcasting
    in the Elementary Classroom
  • But I Only Have One Computer
    in My Classroom…
  • Colored Chalk to the nth Power:
    Powerful Math Lesson
  • Digital Authoring – Students
    Creating Content
  • Easy and Free Podcasting for
    the Elementary Classroom
  • Educational RAP Podcasts
  • Free Website Design Tools
  • Getting Started with Moodle
  • Google Applications: A Case08ConventionCenter.jpg
    Study (“Sludge Test 2.0”)
  • Jumping Joomla! Creating a
  • Making History Come
    Alive with Promethean
    Active Boards, Laptops
    and Video Clips
  • NJCCCS and Web 2.0: Not Your
    Father’s Oldsmobile
  • PLEase PLEase Me! Building
    Your Own Personal Learning
  • Road Rage – Systems of
    Equations with Remote Cars
  • Say Cheese! Using Digital
    Cameras to Explore Concept
  • 10 Minute a Day Teacher Ed
    Tech Workout
  • TUNE IN your students to
    database concepts with iTunes
  • Tween Social Networking Sites:
    They’re Heeeeeeere!
  • Utilize 21st Century Technology
    to Enhance Teaching of World
  • Vodcasting: Bring Your Audio
    Podcasts to the Next Level
  • VoiceThread: Digital Storytelling
    Made Easy and Fun
  • Wii Teach

Click Here for a detailed description of the above topics.  See you at the convention :)

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