Saying Thank You

So many people could qualify for a special thank you note from me, because so many people have impacted my life both within and outside the blogosphere. Years ago, Lance Rougeux (we go back to first year Keystone Technology Integrators, which he pioneered) started me on a path of discovery to a full-paid week-long T + L2 conference in Denver. As you have come to expect from anything Discovery Education endorses, this event exceeded your notion of learning with the best of the best. As PA DENs representative, I joined 8 other DEN members (we weren’t STARS then, but they certainly treated us like celebrities) in a learning experience second to none, honestly. In a one-of-nine ratio with Jannita Demian, Hall Davidson, Bernajean Porter, Betsy Whalen, and Scott Kinney, the immersion of technology integration with hands-on learning from the best in the business traversed beyond mile-high ceilings. And I became not only a blogger, but one with a state audience–overnight–writing about each day’s sessions. Representing you with Lance and Jennifer giving testimony to the State’s CFF Communications and Technology Committee and the Senate Education Committee in 2007 was yet another incredibly moving experience.

Along comes Steve Dembo, and let me tell you, he does deliver the goods. He’s like the gift that keeps giving, and I learn from him every time I attend a webinar, conference, local (Bucks County IU), state (PETE&C), or national conference, where you often find Steve as keynote virtually or in person.

My thank you would be incomplete without the social network created with DEN STARS from around the country. This past summer I remember the kindness of Jennifer Gingrich and her friends who tutored me on how to do green screen on a Mac. Or Tim Childers who was such good moral support (I am often overwhelmed by the skill and expertise that surrounds me at events, both in my real life and Second Life), and my special PA friends Martha Rougeux, a friend to cherish, Kristin Hokanson, who teaches me how to have a connected classroom, Bridget Belardi, whose patience teaching me to geocache is tested to the max, and Jennifer Dorman, who helps me so often I should put her on retainer. And a special thank you to a very new blogger and colleague, Jennifer Brinson, a STAR DEN who is on her second course with Discovery Education/Wilkes University Masters Program.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, but if I have, please know that in the middle of the night, your kindness will wake me (if the cats don’t get to me first). Always I am grateful for the help all of you so generously bestow. Whatever is between digital immigrant and native is where I plunk myself, and if I ever develop an intuitive approach to anything technologic, it will all of you I thank.

I posted my thank you publicly because (and I hate admitting it), I didn’t know, Steve, how to include a link back to my blog.

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  1. Bridget Belardi said:

    This is a really nice post, RJ. Thanks for the shout out! :J)

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