Virtual Conference Archives now online!

How good was the Virtual Conference?  So good that you need to share it.  So good you need to watch it again.  So good that you need to add each presentation to your iTunes library so you have it on demand whenever somebody asks you what the best professional development you’ve attended this year was.

Ok, maybe I’m exagerating just slightly, but in all seriousness, the presentations were phenomenal.  One after another just blew attendees away.  And as many of you know, often the most valuable part of the presentation isn’t just what the presenter has to say, it’s what the audience shares in the chat room!  That’s why when we posted the archives, we included the chat windows as well, which shows up in real time!

So visit the Virtual Conference landing page and you can enjoy all 5 presentations again and again.   Share them with your colleagues.  Share them with your administrators.  Share them with your family!  And don’t forge,t if you enjoyed the presentations, let the presenters know you did by leaving a comment on the page for them.

BTW, due to the fact that they are all archived in hi-rez with audio, video and chat, they’re big files.  About 100MB or so.  Keep that in mind when downloading!



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