It's a Wrap – November 5th


HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Just got out of Second Life to post this.

What’s a collaborative tool?  OneNote!!!

What’s an organizing tool?  OneNote!!!

What’s a screen capturing tool?  OneNote!!!

What’s an audio capturing tool?  OneNote!!!

What’s a video capturing tool?  OneNote!!!

What’s a drawing tool?  OneNote!!!

What’s a web clipping tool?  One Note!!!

…and I’m sure I MUST have left something out there!


Celestia Cazelet did an excellent job (as always) of presenting.  This evening the topic was OneNote 2007, a Microsoft (yes, PC) application that comes in the Student/Home Microsoft Office Suite.  She discovered it as she was looking for a ‘sticky note’ type of application and found out that it was much, MUCH more powerful than just mere ‘removable adhesive’.


For those of you not familiar with OneNote, think of it as a loose leaf binder (aka notebook)….in fact, think of it as a shelf full of notebooks.  These notebooks can be divided into sections (tabs/dividers) and those sections can have separate pages.  That’s JUST the beginning.  You can easily place a OneNote icon on your Internet Explorer toolbar and as you scour the web and find pages of interest, just click on the icon, and VOILA! the page (the entire page) is placed on its on page in your OneNote ‘Unfiled’ notebook along with (now this is the best part) the url and date stamped.  Moving the page to the correct notebook & section is as easy as a ‘click and drag’.


Tempted?  You should be!  If you’re a PC user, you can get a 60-day trial of OneNote.


If you already have OneNote on your computer (lucky you!), check out the Microsoft website for more information and templates.

If you have OneNote, please take a moment and share how you use it in the ‘Comments’ section below.  (That was the assignment Celestia gave us, so I’m passing it along! LOL)




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