4 Thumbs Up!

ScreenNation’s second challenge has announced its winners in the movie review and they are available for your viewing pleasure on the site.

afislacker.jpgThe first place winner is a high energy 1st person rant on Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising.” Normally, I’d be very critical of a continuous head-on shot, but this young man has such presence and lays out his opinions so well, I’m in total agreement with this AFI choice.

afiinjones.jpgThe second place review  takes on the latest Indiana Jones movie with some fun repartée between a couple of high school students. Their energy, pro and con presentation, and melodramatic recreation of one of the scenes saved this one from just being a couple of talking heads.

 afifrankn.jpgIn third place we have a very talented young lady who performed and edited herself into several of the characters in “Young Frankenstein.” Again, it’s a simple one person/one kind of shot operation that takes on a whole different energy with her talent and insight into the movie.

I don’t know what happened to the fourth place video, but I did get to watch it before it was removed.  They didn’t convince me to see “Mean Girls,” but I liked their clever re-enactment of a scene with finger puppets and a doll house.

Don’t forget the Jennifer Love Hewitt hosted ghost story challenge that is open to your students until midnight November 14th.


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  1. Jennifer Weiss said:

    Hi Joe/Mr. Brennan,

    Nice running into you at the Reunion. It took a few weeks but I finally found your site! Great stuff!!

    You mentioned some teaching materials you thought would be of interest, I’d love to see that.

    This is really exciting work. Talk about empowering kids! Any international contests in the works?



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