Discovery Education Interactive Atlas – Now in full screen!

Did you know that you can now enlarge the Discovery Atlas videos to full screen?  You can – and it is super easy.

First you’ll need to find the Discovery Education Interactive Atlas.

To find the atlas log into Discovery Education streaming  and then click on the “Teacher Center.” 

Next, click on the “Discovery Education Atlas” in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Finally, click on the blue “Launch Atlas” button to find videos about various different cultures, histories, governments and natural habitats from around the world.  

Once you have chosen your video, and it begins to play,  simply right-click (on pc) or command-click (on Mac) on the image so that you see a menu bar.  Hover over the word “Zoom” and then choose “Full Screen.”  And that will do the trick!     


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  1. Karen Shoskey said:

    I think the Atlas is a fabulous resource and particularly like that it highlights the various countries while keeping them in geographical relation to the rest of the world. Very valuable!

  2. Janell Larson said:

    Being able to show the Atlas full screen just made a great resource even better. What a great way to show off the world to students.

  3. Scott said:

    I just heard about this Atlas, and will have to try it in my classroom. Hopefully I can project it on the wall to make it even bigger.

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