Wait a minute…it is already November?

It seems that as soon as the last Harry Potter, Dora the Explorer and, if you’re my 11 year-old neighbor, Artemis, left my door and, the last bits of candy in my trick or treat bowl were barely empty, that the Christmas advertisements were already rolling on my TV.

By the way, if you’re asking yourself who the heck is Artimis?  So was I.   Apparently she was the twin sister of Apollo, (told to me with a heavy sigh and eyes rolling back – seriously how was I supposed to guess that one?)

So, having said that, let’s talk about all of the good stuff that is going on this month!

I’m really excited to go to Howard County on November 11, 2008 to deliver a professional development session on our brand new Discovery Education Science product.

That Saturday, I’m hanging out with my friends over in Prince George’s County on November 15, 2008 for their 12th Annual Powering Up With Technology Conference at Dr. Henry A . Wise Jr. High School.

I’m delivering three sessions there:

If you are interested in learning more about these sessions or would like me to deliver them at your next inservice -just let me know!

On November 17th I’m back in Howard County and Montgomery County to deliver professional development sessions on Discovery Education streaming.

That pretty much takes us up to the Thanksgiving week and then, before you know it, we’re into December.  Probably about the same time my little next door neighbor comes back dressed as Saint Knut or some other obscure holiday reference singing carols and expecting a tasty treat in return.

But that, my friends,  is for another post.


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