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Let me tell you a little story about learning. Today, Riptide Furse posted a bookmark to the Discovery Educator Network Diigo group,WigFlips AutoMotivator.

AutoMotivator is for making (or faking) motivational posters. You choose the picture, colors, and text, and we make your poster.

After seeing Riptide’s bookmark in my Google Reader feed, I decided to test out the service and create a poster. Then, I posted that image along with the link to AutoMotivator to Plurk. Other educators commented about AutoMotivator and began discussing how they might use it with their students. One of my favorite ideas was to have students create motivational messages with AutoMotivator and use the images to create an Animoto video. You can check out some of the other ideas here and, if you are a Plurk user, you can add your ideas to the conversation. I just love learning!

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  1. Peggy Barger said:

    Thanks to you and Riptide for yet another cutting edge Discovery-induced resource! Working on an AutoMotivator / Animoto tie for my preservice teachers.

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