NetTrekker Blog Is Now Public!

A short while ago, I got a Skype message from Danielle Abernathy asking me to take a look at an upcoming post for her new blog, NetTrekker d.i.  I was quite honored to do so.  The idea of a blog for NetTrekker was quite appealing to me, and I immediately thought about posting a short blog here at Discovery to let others know it was out there.  Then, I found out it was “live” yet.  Shhhhh.But now, the blog is very much live and is one I highly recommend you add to your RSS feeds.Our school has had access to NetTrekker as long as we’ve had access to DE Streaming (long enough that everyone still calls it unitedStreaming except me).  Yet, I feel it is a greatly undervalued tool at our school.  The quick and easy way to search, I’ve heard, is Google.  Google rules the world.  Yet, I can personally attest to the fact that I have spent countless hours over the years searching Google in vain for “just the right resource.”NetTrekker can solve that problem.  NetTrekker allows you to really zero in on what you want, and the results have been vetted to make them relevant to educational uses.  If you haven’t used NetTrekker, or if your school or district doesn’t subscribe to NetTrekker, you are really missing out on a great tool your teachers will come to love.Danielle’s new blog will help you learn a lot about how to use it effectively.  So what are you waiting on?  Head over there now! 


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