TeacherTube At Peak Performance

I received a very informative e-mail from the people at Teacher Tube. It made me very happy.

I hope it makes you happy too! Happy teachers make for happy students!

Read on…

From the Teacher Tube E-mail Newsletter:

If you have not visited TeacherTube in the past two weeks, you need to check us out. We are extremely excited to share with all of our community members that TeacherTube is performing at our fastest speeds even though our visits have doubled in the past two months. Our tech team is constantly working to provide the most efficient software and hardware solutions to keep the site performing at a high level. Our community continues to grow by the hundreds everyday. We have over 900,000 visits per month, over 170,000 members and have over 35,000 public videos that you can use in your classroom with students or for professional development with staff. You have made TeacherTube one of the most sought after free resources for teachers all over the world. We at TeacherTube say thank you. You are making a difference in over 220 countries.

There have been discussions among educators for TeacherTube to expand our resources and allow teachers to upload more than just video. I am formally announcing TeacherTube is currently working on new features that will allow teachers to upload photos, audio, and docs. Docs will be documents such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, word documents, rich text files, etc. We have held off on offering more resources for two reasons. First, we needed to have our software function more efficiently so that you would have a better experience while using TeacherTube . We have resolved the vast majority of our software inefficiencies. Secondly, we needed to design and implement a database structure that could handle scalable growth. Our tech team has designed a solution and it is scheduled to be implemented before January 1, 2009.

It is an exciting time to be an educator!

Jason Smith
CEO / Co-founder
TeacherTube, LLC

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