Animoto Gets Even Better!

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I just received this e-mail from Animoto and I am so excited about the increased learning potential . . .


It’s true: you can now insert text into your Animoto videos. And we’re not talking about boring caption-like text–we’re talking about text the way it’s done in tv & film!

Check out this example:

Tell a story in your video. Recapture memories by titling each section of pictures. Send holiday greeting cards to your loved ones. Make party invitations through a video. Or remix your current Animoto vids to add text. It’s awesome!

Head to to get started. Soooo easy.


This certainly increases the storytelling power of an already awesome application. If you haven’t checked out Animoto for classroom use, yet, visit

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  1. Ernie Easter said:

    Thanks for sharing this on Twitter. My students are creating videos with iMovie currently. I may have my early finishers play with animoto.

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