It Is Starting To Sink In…

This year we purchased DE Assessment for our school.  I have been sold on this product since I first saw it 3 years ago (as Think Link).  I’ve done a little training, and we just finished our first round of benchmark tests (yes, we started late).

Today, I realized it was really going to have an impact on somebody besides me.A teacher walked into my room with her eyes wide and said, “OH…..MY…..GOSH! This is the coolest thing ever!”  When I finally got her to calm down, I was able to ask her what she was talking about.

It turns out she had just created her first Practice Probe in language arts.  The question bank directly addressed the skills she was working on, and several questions applied directly to the stories they read (Tell Tale Heart and Legend of Sleepy Hollow).  She was able to choose easy and moderate questions for most of the test, then added one or two hard questions to help separate advanced students from the others.”It only took clicking a few buttons! And I was done in minutes!” she exclaimed.  “I used to have to cut and paste questions I found to make my tests look like TCAP tests.  Now it is automatic.”  With that, she was out the door to go talk to her department head about how much she loves DE Assessment.

This type of response is what it will take to get the program again next year.   My fingers are crossed.


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