Yours truly, (now sign your name)

This tip is for those teachers who occasionally write letters on their computer and then email them off without ever touching a sheet of actual paper. For instance, if you apply for a job and need to upload a letter of introduction or if you email a document to your office, it needs to be signed, but how do you sign it if you are just emailing it? The trickiest part is that you need to have access to an interactive whiteboard (Smart, Promethean…). You will learn how to create a simple image file that you can then insert into any document you want. This makes it look like you actually signed your doc!

Step 1-Sign your name neatly on the board in black. You may want to insert a nice horizontal line to level yourself.  You can always delete the line later.

Step 2- Save that signature or page as an image. Each whiteboard is different, but you can always save as an image.

Step 3- Open it in an image editor. You can do this with a Mac or Windows Vista without and additional image editor.  Now crop it so there is very little white space around the image.  Lastly, You may need to change the contrast  or brightness to make the image more clear or eliminate any difference in background color.

Step 4- Whenever you need it, just insert your new file as an image and drag the corners to resize it. I suggest keeping the original relatively large in case you ever need it.

BTW, if you have have the good fortune to use Microsoft Office 2007 on your computer, then you know that you can install a small add-on that will save your docs in .pdf format if you want.  You could also use Open and do the same thing. This makes some pretty fancy documents that can be read on any computer.



~Dave Kootman


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  1. Diana Kenney said:

    Nice signature Dave! Love the idea but I’m not sure I want anyone analyzing my signature…that may be a little scary! 🙂

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