Don't forget about your lonely bookmarks

I pretty much have two main ways I bookmark things. I use Diigo (like Delicious, but better) for most things that I want to save and categorize.  These are things that I may not need every day, I may need from multiple computers, I want to share with others or I may need to search within categories. Every once in a while I resort to the old fashioned way of bookmarking or “favoriting” pages I want to return to. The latter is great for pages I visit frequently or items I later put on my “links” or quicklaunch bars.   links

The point of this post, is that I spend so much time saving pages but forget to actually go back and look at most of the things I saved.  So this is your year-end reminder to go back and find all those forgotten gems that you once thought were so important. See what you’ve been missing!

~Dave Kootman


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  1. Roxanne Clement said:

    ….So much more fun than the house cleaning and reorganizing I should be doing there….but prioritizng and organizing my organizing of web resources often spins my head!!!!Roxanne:)

  2. Melissa said:

    Even though it may be a bit overwhelming at times, I recently found myself going back through some bookmarked sites to see if I could remember why I bookmarked them . . . and I found some really great ideas and things to share with my colleagues! And it is definitely better than cleaning house or clearing out closets and trying to remember why you bought that outfit . . . 🙂

  3. Ms. D said:

    Thanks for the reminder! I think you were right on about how often we forget these incredible things we’ve saved. The good thing is that usually they are still incredible when we re-visit them 🙂 Too bad there wasn’t a way we could a reminder email sent to use monthly to check out those things we booked marked that month.

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