Tip From the National Blog

This is such a great tip I wanted to post it here for everyone to see.

Downloading pictures doesn’t have to be such a drag…

but it can be a lot of fun to do!  Here’s a quick tip that is super cool.

  • Find any image from the site –  my favorite image is called “Federal Troops at Rest”
  • Once you find the image, and it is displayed in the blue media player box, openDragging Image To PowerPoint up a program like Word or Powerpoint
  • Minimize that program.
  • Then go back to your DE streaming image, left-click on the image inside the blue box and simply drag (be careful to not let go of your mouse button) the image into your Word or Powerpoint program.
  • Once the Word or Powerpoint program opens on your screen, move your mouse up into your Word doc or PowerPoint slide until the cursor turns into a plus symbol
  • Then let go of your mouse.
  • Give it a second and you will soon see your image embedded into your Word or Powerpoint slide.

Pretty cool right?!?  I love this trick!


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