Where the Wild Things Are

Aaron’s Wild Side

In 1963 Maurice Sendak published Where the Wild Things Are.  A story of Max, who is sent to his room without supper.  In his room, Max’s imagination takes over and he journeys to the land of the Wild Things.  It has been a beloved children’s book ever since.

Discovery Education Streaming has the Where the Wild Things Are video.  The video is just over 7 minutes long and a teachers guide is also available.  Both the book and the video are appropriate for grades K -2.

After showing the video or reading the book, take you kids to buildyourwildself.com to, well, build your wild self.  I turned myself into a Gaz-ossa-rusa-frog that likes to play guitar.  The site was created by the New York Zoos and Aquarium.  Students will have a great time creating themselves into a monster.  Since they are using parts from an actual animal, it is easy to bring in science into the lesson.  Talking about the places the animals live brings in social studies.  Math can be integrated by sorting the monsters.  Fans of the Madagascar movies may enjoy that the site was recently updated with Madagascar parts.  Don’t worry if you don’t recognize the animals, there is a short explanation at the end.  Buildyourwildself.com allows you to save, print, and send your wild self to a friend.


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  1. Nicole said:

    Love this!! I just made my ‘wildself’ and set it as my wallpaper. The kids are really gonna enjoy this one!! Thanks for sharing!!

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