Got a question for the Mythbusters?

title_event_mythbusters.gifAre you a fan of the Mythbusters?  Think your students might be?  Well, they’re going to be special guests of Discovery Education at NSTA tomorrow and Lance is going to be hosting a Q&A with them.  While he has plenty of his own questions to ask them, we thought we’d open it up to you and your students!

Leave a comment with a question that you or your students would like to ask the Mythbusters and Lance will ask them it during the session tomorrow.  Rumor has it that he’ll be trying to get a few autographs to  give away as well, so there MAY be prizes involved here!

So… What would you like to ask Adam and Jamie?


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  1. Brian Slope said:

    Do you consciously try to follow the scientific method in every experiment that you design? Or is it just the way you guys work?

    • sven lammers (the netherlands) said:

      I heard that when a person dies his or her weight drops with 60grams, because thats the soul who s leaving the body. Can u tell me if thats correct or what? I hope u can help me with this question.

  2. Katie Knapp, VA DEN Chair said:

    We know that experiments don’t always turn out like we predict. What was one that really surprised you when it did not turn out as you expected?

    • Martin KULIZA said:

      Hello Patti
      i’m not speaking for jamie or adam here,
      but, i do know for a fact that Jamie stated on one episode that it was one of the most dangerous

      the episode was the James Bond Golfinger one
      whereby Jamie got COMPLETELY Covered in Gold Paint, the Myth was would he die, Because the Lady that was in the Orginal Goldfinger actually died, Paramedics were onsite, (incidentally, i’m also a paramedic) this is dangerous, beause your literally blocking all the pores of your skin, which means, first, Your skin Can’t respirate/Breath, Secondly, you’ll get hot, these things can lead to fainting, Shock Even death if you don’t get the paint off quick enough. that was a dangerous episode

      Another one was where Grant Freaked out, in a big way, His Head was inserted into a cube Perspex transparent container, containing funnel web spiders

      thsi is more of an issue where grant was afraid of spiders, no so much that it was dangerous
      it was to a point, but, he made it worse.

      but the Gold Paint thing, That was very dangerous Possibly the Most dangerous if not close to it

  3. Rashon Sessoms-Karen Wright's Class said:

    We are in Albertville Alabama and want to know what is the best myth you have busted?

  4. Karen Wright's 4th grade class askes said:

    Is there such a thing as home advantage in sports?

  5. Tracy Selock said:

    If you could go back and tell your elementary teachers something, what would you tell them? and What types of things do you wish your teachers had taught or shown you when you were in the 5th grade?

  6. Eileen Malick said:

    Have you thought about having a segment of a Mythbuster-type of experiments that kids could actually do safely at home or in a classroom?

  7. Lance said:

    Thank you so much for posting questions. I hope you check out the video I posted. The Mythbusters answered almost all of your questions.

  8. Dustin Lane Clark said:

    My question is about terminal velocity. It doesn’t make sense to me because if the force of gravity is pulling you down and is matched by the force of air and is pushing you up, wouldn’t you just float there?

      • Martin Kuliza said:

        Jamain is correct patrick

        Your focusing on the objects

        1 Tonne and
        1 Tonne

        the difference obviously being is that..
        Feathers per unit Have a lower Density and Weight than rocks

        so.. obviously You would need a shit load of feathers to have it weigh 1 Tonne

        and you would need far less rocks to get to 1 Tonne


        1 TONNE of Feathers
        1 TONNE of Rocks
        1 TONNE of apples
        1 TONNE Jamies Berets
        1 TONNE of Adams spit
        1 TONNE of Ballistics gel

        will all way 1 TONNE


        i hope so

  9. Cait Foster said:

    If you fill a back yard swimming pool with eatable jello, could you float in it? Or swim through it?

    • Martin KULIZA said:

      it depends if the jello has hardened or not
      it also depends on how fat or thin the person is

      this is fundamentally a question of DENSITY
      And Buoyancy of course

      the Greater the Density, the harder it will be to swim through it

      if it’s set, you may even be able to run over the top of the surface of it,

      Assuming you don’t weigh too much

      if the jello is not set
      you would most likely be able to swim through it

      it would be a little harder, but you could do it

      would you float putting jello into water, you increase the Density of the water, Making it harder for you to sink

      so.. yes, you could float
      but, again, it depends on how close it is to Setting, or did you just recently dump it in the pool either way, you would probably float

  10. Luke Billmeyer said:

    Is it true or is it a myth that vibration from music played in a fish house or boat, will draw fish to you?

  11. Connor M said:

    If you have a man with a RPG in a room with a window, and he shoots, will the air from the back rebound off the walls and throw him? If so, would it be fatal?

    • Martin KULIZA said:

      of course it can
      Sound is Literally Pressure waves
      if those pressure waves have a pressure that is greater then the pressure needed to overcome the surface tension of the bubble, the bubble will pop,

      now, in reality if you went to the bargain shop and got one of those bubble making thingies

      you made a bubble and you yelled at it
      the bubble, instead of bursting from the Pressure waves of your voice

      this again, is the pressure pushing the bubble

      Theoretically.. if you could stop the bubble moving away, that pressure would cause teh bublble to compress and pop

      the other way is , if the pressure was so great and quick that the bubble wouldn’t have time to move

      i would suggest focus on experiements with LOW FREQUENCY and High Amplitude

      go to the show where they put out a candle with their voice, same principle

  12. Daejanay said:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie role lollipop.

  13. G G said:

    I am a third grader who just read Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

    What I’d like to know, is there a white sperm whale alive?

    • Martin KULIZA said:

      Hi mate
      yes there are Living sperm whales, you don’t see them because they dive really deep

      i also read Moby Dick in 3rd Grade
      i know what your thinking LOL

      it’s cool huh, imagine you saw one, huh

      here you go read this

  14. paul said:

    I was wondering if it was possible to have mirrors all lined up and see if u could see each other from the first mirror to the last mirror i would be interesting to know if you could see a man from the other side of the world just from lining up heaps and heaps of mirrors in a row but mabye on mythbusters u could just test lining up mirrors 1 km long and see if u could see each other from 1st mirror 2 last mirror p.s i am 13 and i have allways wanted 2 kno how far u could see each other just from mirrors and none of my science teachers know thanks. (:

  15. MIKE GREENIA said:

    I recently viewed the episode with captain kirks bamboo cannon. I do not remember mention of bamboos strength properties or variations in blackpowder manufacture. Bamboo does not attain its maximum strength. ( through silica ) until near its third year. Younger cane may burst with even a small charge. When mature its tensile strength exceeds that of modern steel. The force of simply made powder varies based on size of the grains ( larger and more asymetrical = more control slower reaction finer = faster burn less control. Change those factors and the mix of the three main components to less than 1 third saltpeter and I am positive the result would be better if not very good.

  16. Jeremy Boyd said:

    I was watching the “Lightning Strikes/Tongue Piercing” episode where they also cover the “breathalyser test” to see if it is beatable. This is probably a dumb question because Im an Art Major not a Science major. But, would a blood thinner work to lower the blood alcohal level since i think i heard them say “everything is proportional”. So wouldn’t that mean that if you thin out your blood, then so your breathalyser results would also read lower?

  17. Kaila and Nic said:

    Who would win in a fight astronauts or cavemen? astronaughts are wearing mixed suits and cavemen have clubs and they are on earth, astronaughts have no weaponry.

  18. Sarah said:

    I have 2 questions. The first is are the mythbusters green, if so how (I’ve noticed you do reuse machines)? The second is, I thought you can survive if you’re in the middle of a train between the rails.

  19. Jill said:

    Can you run into the side of a car a couple of times and the car catches on fire and explodes like in the movies?

    • Gator Lillie said:

      I want to blow things up how old do you have to be to get a job with your team I’m in 8th grade

  20. Gator Lillie said:

    What really happens if you put something like bubble gum in the end of a shot gun. Referring to Bugs Bunny cartons. Will it blow a bubble?

  21. kristen said:

    can u do a show of how much do people back wash a day

    • martin kuliza said:

      hello martin here. I’m a computer engineer, telecommunications engineer.
      actually it is possible, and not really that impressive.
      However it takes some preperation.
      if you watch the video carefully, let’s first of all give the nets a number. number 1 is the left one closest to us watching the vid. then count them clockwise and the right one being number 4.
      You’ll notice that the guy batting only needs to focus on the ball coming from number 3.
      the other nets are strategically setup so that the nets always deflect the ball into another net which deflects it to another and then into net 3 and back to the batter.

      of course this only works if the batter hits the ball coming from net 3 precisely into the first net
      (which obviously he has had practice at doing)

      But on the condition that he can hit that ball coming at him at the same target (relatively) every time, the balls will deflect in that impressive fashion that you see on the video.

      it’s sort of like juggling but horizontal instead of vertical

      when a juggler juggles 3 or 4 balls he only needs to focus on 2 balls to make the whole thing work, he will catch 1 in his left hand and throw it diagonally up to the right, and the other then in the right hand and he will throw it diagonally up to the left. that’s basically it.

      so.. yes it’s possible
      and to go one step further with the baseball video

      let’s ask ourselves, why didn’t he make it bounce of 8 nets ass opposed to 4.

      that’s simple….. it’s because this guys has calculated the bounce of each net.
      and therefore knows how far to stand from the 3rd net.
      now consider that when a ball bounces of a net it loses momentum based on the tension from the net, and the net absorbs part of the kinetic energy from the ball, thus slowing the ballspeed down.

      so if you add enough nets. the ball ,eventually will not have enough bounce to get back to the batter,

      in this example it’s calculated, and when the ball comes back at him, he hits the ball again, thus giving it more kinetic energy and (loosely stated) refreshing it’s speed back to the first net.

      does that answer you question
      Hope so.. be cool

  22. thomas said:

    in the movie ‘spun’ toward the end the dealer was making speed and he had blown it up. The explosion was huge and i do see why it was that big? can u tell my why?

  23. Dee said:

    I had a question about your show where you try to see if we can travel in straight lines if we are deprived of our sense of sight. I wonder what would happen if you did that experiment with a blind person?

    I enjoy your show very much, thank you.

  24. david said:

    if u try to drill upwards with the curly lines on the edge, would the drill pull you up or would u have to push it up?

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      LOL, Hey mate, this is actually really simple, and i do this pretty much every day,
      Your short answer is…. You need to push the drill up.

      Here’s how it works

      Let’s say you drilling into Pine Wood, for arguments sake
      so, therefore you are using a Wood, Drill Bit that is threaded and has a sharp tip to cut into the wood

      the idea of how a drill bit is engineered is that the tip will cut and chew into the timber,
      in doing so it will cause debree in the hole.

      this debree needs to be expelled so as to not clog up the hole, and to allow for the hole to be drilled further

      the thread on the drill bit, has channels
      these channels are designed to expell the debree.

      now ,as you start to drill, you need to push up if the wood your drilling into is above you.

      once the bit enters the wood, there is a certain amount of friction that builds up between the timber and the drill bit

      and at this point, you don’t really need to push hard at all, because you let the drill bit do the work for you

      That’s it’s purpose

      Now, to get to your question.

      so.. You want to know, if that drill bit will hang on so tightly , that it will just lift you off the ground
      sounds cool,
      Unfortunately not.

      in theory though
      and in true Mythbusters style,

      Unfortuntately unlke jamie, i can’t say , if in doubt C4

      but i will say this


      obviously the force of gravity acts upon every object, including the drill

      now when you raise the drill up to the wood,
      the kinetic energy in your muscles are overcoming the force of gravity

      Your muscles then need to work harder by pushing the drill into the timber fibres so as to allow the drill bit to bite into them

      once that happens, Friction forms
      when that happens, the friction TO SOME DEGREE, Overcomes gravity, and assists your muscles , so that you don’t have to push as hard

      so, in a sense, kinetic energy is lessened, by the increase in mechanical advantage.

      now. friction is the question here

      remember the episode where adam and jamie interleaved 2 phone books, and tried to seperate them
      and it wasn’t unitl they got out the tanks, that they actually overcame the friction from the pages.
      Cool episode huh
      well, this is kinda like that

      to answer your question

      if you weigh let’s say 90Kg
      and the friction between the drill bit and the timber is so great , so as to overcome a 90 Kg force + the Gravity

      theoretically, you would be lifted up off the ground

      in saying that, though
      if the drill was that powerfull,

      you would probably start spinning with the drill
      and actually break your wrist
      the bones known as Carpals

      because it’s not as if your a rigid piece of steel

      Your body has levers, and each section of those lever will absorb a certain amount of kinetic energy, if that scenario was to happen

      you most likely will get lifted of the ground IN THAT GIVEN SCENARIO

      but .. that scenario is highly unlikely

      given a standard Household drill
      let’s say a 14V 3.3Ah
      or even an 18V 1.5Ah

      either way, it wont happen
      if it would have, it would have happen to me long ago

      hope that clears up a few things , and the sceincy part of it

      since we all thirst for the technical explanation of mythbusters stuff

      in short, it would come down to friction and the density of the timber VS Your body and Gravity
      if the latter is heavier, you will have to push
      if it’s not, You’ll get lifted up

      Hope that helps

  25. Don said:

    In the movies, you always see the actors able to break a car’s side windshield with either the butt of their handgun or even their elbow. Is this really possible?

  26. Jim Hodges said:

    Which uses less power? Plugging in the block heater on a diesel engine while it’s still hot and leaving it on for the whole night, or using a timer on the block heater and warning up the cold engine in the morning for a few hours?

  27. Anonymous said:

    I apologize if you find this silly to ask, but why do you have Christmas specials when you two and the others (I think) aren’t Christian?

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      Interesting Question, However, Tori is Italian, i’m pretty sure that makes him Christian, or perhaps catholic,
      Either way it’s not just Christian’s that celebrate Xmas, but your question is more geared towards Why do they do it.

      I’m pretty sure it’s not about them, I’m pretty sure it’s more about US, and for the Christians who watch it, as opposed to the Mythbusters team.

      after all ,we buy the DVD;s don’t we??

      therefore the marketing is for us, Not for them

      also, around december, People expect to see Xmas Sale this and Xmas Special that.
      it’s expected

      it’s like in July
      End of Financila Year Sale

      i guess You could then ask the Team

      HEY GUYS, why dont you do an Easter Special
      and a New Years Special

      Ooops, i’ve opened a can of worms

      Sorry. LOL

  28. Graham Wilson said:

    Falling from a certain height into water is it really like hitting concrete, as the myth suggests

  29. bob said:

    someone said that if you put a primer cap opoxied into a hollow point bullet that when it hit the target it would explode the bullet is this true?

  30. bob said:

    I was told that if you opoxy a primer cap in the end of a hollow point bullet that it will explode the bullet on impacted. Is this really true or not?

  31. Emma From Adelaide said:

    Heyy Mythbusters?
    I have got a question for you. I was watching a movie and this guy got shot but his police bage saved him. Is it True that a police bage could save someones life?
    From Emma
    P.S Big Big Fan of your show!!! 🙂

  32. Jeff said:

    is it true that you can cause a circle (exercise) bike to catch fire wile exercising

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      hey jeff, I’m an Engineer Computer, Telecommunications, I’m a Physics, Chemistry and biology Major.
      Short Answer
      Yes, it’s true

      Deitailed Answer


      well. you would hope not … HUH
      otherwise there would be lawsuites all round

      here’s your answer…

      Every material, every substance, in chemistry terms
      has what it called a “flash Point”

      You see Certain Chemicals can ignite from simple exposure to a warm day
      these are known to have a low flash point

      This part usually confuses people,
      People usually think if it combusts easily, it’s a high flashpoint

      so let me clarify

      a FLASH POINT is the point at which a substance or a material reaches a temperature

      and that temperature being ,the temperature at which that substance goes from being Hot, to instantly combusting
      aka, bursting into flames

      it’s all about heat

      Now.. keep in mind that HEAT IS ENERGY
      also keep in mind

      now, let’s say we have a normal piece of printing paper
      and let’s say that that paper will burst into flames and catch alight at precisely 80 Degrees Celsius
      BUT NOT AT 79.9

      that then means that the Flashpoint of that specific paper is 80 Degrees Celsius

      Now, different materials have differenct flashpoints
      based on the materials properties

      so.. let’s say you have something higly combustible, that when exposed to a warm day

      let’s say 17Degrees Celsius

      lets say that substance combusts at 17 Degrees

      then that substance is said to have a Low Flashpoint

      and the Paper has a higher Flash Point


      You first need to ask yourself
      is that the type of exercise bike that has a material strap around the metal wheel

      and that strap is supposed to be the resistance that helps you work out

      IF SO..
      then here’s your answer

      1. What is the Material of that strap
      2. What is the Materials flash point
      3. what is the tension on the material that is being exerted on the wheel
      Keep in mind that if you have more tension on that strap acting upon the wheel,
      YES you will have to pedal harder, but in saying that, You will generate more heat once you overcome that tension and the strap will get hotter, quicker

      it’s all a question of friction

      More tension = More Friction
      if the wheel is smooth, there will be less friction
      (and there most likely is)
      if the wheel is rough there will be more friction
      if the tension is increased on the strap, this will create more friction again

      if you create enough friction and generate enough heat

      and you manage to reach the flashpoint of that material

      if you reach the flashpoint of that material , that material will burst into flames


      in saying that
      these things are not engineered to create lawsuites
      and if it was to catch fire, it would probably just burn the strap

      but.. i hope this has helped you understand when and how , stuff catches on fire, and why

      so.. IS IT POSSIBLE

      Hell yes, Given the right conditions

      and if you want to try it,
      ask the manufacturer for the flashpoint of the strap,
      then.. as a motivational tool for exercising
      Attempt to pedal fast enough to cause the strap to catch on fire

      Let me know if you actually do achieve this
      i used to try to do this back in the 80’s

      Never could get it to happen

      take care

  33. Patti said:

    Someone told my daughter they were beat with a 2×4 board until it broke. Is that even possible; to break a board that size on a human body? I don’t even think you would need to test that.

  34. Emma from Adelaide said:

    Heyy Mythbusters?
    I have got a question for you. I was watching a movie and this guy got shot but his police bage saved him. Is it True that a police bage could save someones life?
    From Emma
    P.S Big Big Fan of your show 🙂

      • Martin Kuliza said:

        Ummm, Your sort of right
        I”m pretty sure that the Badge WAS resistant to a 0.22 Round, but when they tried a 0.45 or 9mm it did not with stand the blow, distance was also a factor

    • martin kuliza said:

      hey mate.
      first of all Badge is spelt B.A.D.G.E not bage.

      now to answer your question
      IN THE MOVIES (Which are mostly B.S.)
      if you have a Bible or a badge or a flask of whisky in your shirt pocket next to your heart, (in the movies) your pretty much guaranteed to survive LOL.

      But seriously, and scientifically stated
      first of all , being realistic, a police badge would not save SOMEONE’S life, it would only save a POLICESMAN’S life, because only a police man would ever wear one… right.

      but, let’s humour your question anyway….

      it all comes down to this
      1. what is the density of the badge (and is it metal or plastic)
      Knowing this will determine the resistance in the equation, or opposing force, if you prefer.
      2. what is the calibre of the firearm that is firing the bullet (this will determine the force being applied, in your theoretical equation)
      3. How far away is the shooter from the guy being shot (it’s important to understand that the bullet will lose momentum and force over distance)
      4. and if you really want to be geeky about it. You can go ahead and calculate the windspeed, the wind direction and to go totally nuts with this … you can calculate the coriolis effect of the earth.
      doing this will give you a more accurate result in the end,

      but in short.

      let’s give a very rough calculated example.
      let’s say the badge is metal and of such a density that it can withstand a focused forced of no larger than 3cm in diameter and not exceeding a pressure of let’s say..1Kg

      so that means if the shooter is firing a .9mm round from 50 metres away (and i’m not a gun expert OK, but i understand physics)
      and lets assume that 50 metres away will mean that bullet hits his badge and thus exerting a force of 999grams
      and assuming that there is no gravity, no coriolis effect, no wind resistance and not kinetic energy transferred to the guy getting shot.

      he would live.

      and now obviously if you added windspeed into this. and the wind was travelling in the opposite direction of the bullet, it would then slow the bullet down,… wouldn’t it.

      and putting the wind aside, if the shooter at 50 metres, took a step forward so he was now 49 metres from the guy being shot, the guy would get killed, because the badge can (hypothetically) resist an impact of 1kg, which is assumed for that calibre to be at 50 metres.

      understand how it all works now.

      it’s all about “FORCES AND MOTION” in physics
      and then you need to calculate RESISTANCE FACTORS, or OPPOSING FORCES.

      But the short realistic answer is, No it’s not possible.

      because if that were true, then police body armour would not be made from Kevlar, they would be made from the cheap metal that is used to make police badges.

      make sense, doesn’t it.

      be cool

  35. Pranav said:

    I am five years old can a man break the cars window by punching it like in the Indian movies.

  36. Will McIntosh said:

    Dear mythbusters, there is methane in your wind so if you are in a concealed room if you brake wind enough and put a lit flare inside. Will it blow up? Please test this. Wil McIntosh, 9 years old Norwich,Norfolk (big fan of the show : ) ) March 8th 2012

  37. paul howitt said:

    9/11 lie of the century.. you guys work hand in hand with the fbi .. and do thermite etc experiments. why wont u prove that gasoline cant melt steel. (especially asbestos coated buildings)and try to explain how building 7 fell over in sympathy for the other towers, when it was as such untouched. lol.. its be a nice way to prove u can answer the real questions people ask not prove magyver

    • anonymous said:

      do you want the show to be shut down? yeah, it’s obvious that 9/11 was planned by the government, and I don’t think anyone wants to mess with them. I think they should not touch any political issues. They tried once with the “moon landing” and looked very foolish and biased.

    • martin kuliza said:

      Ummmm, are you for real???
      How old are you ?

      Ok,….. i guess since you took the time to post your question on a public forum,
      I’ll do you the respect of answering your question.

      Yes. Mars is a real planet, it’s not made up, it ACTUALLY exists.

      Personlly i leant this when i was about 8 years old in 3rd grade

      so…. the deal is…
      we live in a solar system
      we call our solar system “The Milky Way”
      within our solar we have 9 Planets and 1 Sun
      the Sun is the Centre of our Solar System
      all the 9 Planets revolve around the sun
      we call this act of planets revolving around the sun and “orbit”
      the planets . from closes to furthest from the sun are as follows

      #1 (Closest) – Mercury
      #2 – Venus
      #3 – Earth
      #4 – MARS (see here it is)
      #5 – Jupiter
      #6 – Saturn
      #7 – Uranus
      #8 – Neptune
      #9 (Furthest) – Pluto

      THEREFORE, Mars is the 4th Planet from the sun (it’s also known as the “Red Planet”)
      and yes we do know it exists, because, just like neil armstrong was the first astronaut on the Moon, we have had probes that have gone to mars and taken photographs, I’m not 100% sure if we have had a successful man mission to mars, but here’s some reading if you would like to read about it.

      I hope this helps you understand that Mars is a real place.

      it’s common knowledge and if you are over 10 years old, you should know that.

      Hope that helps you

  38. joshua said:

    will you get electrocuted in a storm if you are on a mobile phone i just watched a episode about the house phone and the shower just asking

  39. Jennifer said:

    In the episode where you drop the chunk of ice out of the air plane to see if it proves the “waste” falling on your house theory, I was wondering how you figured out the formula on the drop site to get it to land close to the target? I’ve been wondering what that formula would be for 9 years now, no ones seems to be able to know how to answer it. Thank you 🙂

  40. Cabooze Hastings said:

    Dear Mr. Savage,

    What is the brand of the armoured leather jacket you wore as protection while riding in the Ford 4×4 pickup with square tires (when you and Mr. Hineman were trying to determine how fast square tires would need to rotate to smooth the ride of the vehicle)? Thank you for your response.

    Kind regards,


    • Emanuel said:

      Hi everyone!

      I´ll like to know this topic too pls.

      “What is the brand of the armoured leather jacket you wore as protection while riding in the Ford 4×4 pickup with square tires (when you and Mr. Hineman were trying to determine how fast square tires would need to rotate to smooth the ride of the vehicle)? Thank you for your response.

      Kind regards,


      Thank´s in advance.

  41. brian said:

    Is true that if you load a car up with nos you can get all the tires of the ground?

  42. Natalie said:

    hey myth busters,
    can you tell me
    “does stinky gas work better then ordinary gas or methane?”

  43. dj said:

    hey myth busters is it true that you can throw a gas can out of a moving car to another moving car and shoot the gas can and the gas can explode?

  44. John Paul said:

    HI Myth busters, I have a question for you, is it true that if you have oil on the threads of the oxygen regulator will it explode under compression ? I have heard by many people that it could happen. I thought if that happened it would possibly catch fire because of the heat and the oxygen. Please Help!!!!

  45. Sasha said:

    What will happen if you throw a crowbar, into the toilet of a steam train ?

  46. William said:

    Can a lot of sily putty stop a bullet? Also if you use enuf ducktap will it stop a bullet but how much will it tale in pounds and roles

  47. Zoey said:

    Can a shock collar restart you heart if you get a strong enough shock. Please help Because me and my friend are having a fight over it like she saying that it cant so im not sure but part of me says it is true so please help Adam and Jamie thx’s.

    • Martin said:

      hey zoey, until adam and jamie respond, i can help you with this, so you stop arguing,
      I’m a paramedic of many years.

      I”m also a computer and telecommunications Engineer.

      so.. here goes.
      first of all, when your heart stops (aka you go into cardiac arrest), and then the paramedic arrives puts on the pads and yells “clear” (lol) and shocks the person. (as you see in the movies ).
      He’s not actually RESTARTING the guys heart.

      this is how it works…..
      your heart is a pump,
      it’s made of muscle, within that muscle are chambers for the blood to occupy and flow through.
      now.. the mechanism by which the blood is forced to flow through the chambers is.. Compression.
      now, what causes the chambers to compress are what’s called.. CONDUCTIVE FIBRES within the muscles.
      these fibres carry electrical impulses (but not all at the same time).
      now the side of the heart that has fibres that are carrying electrical current. causes that side of the heart to contract and push blood into the next chamber.
      the blood can’t flow backwards into the previous chambers because of ONE WAY VALVES Called Tricuspid Valvles.
      now after all the boring explanation of how the heart works.

      you should now be asking, what controls the electrical impulses…. Good Question.

      the hearts rythmn is called SINUS RYTHMN because the heart has a little bump on it called a Node. this main node is called the Sinus Node.
      this little thing is responsible for the timing of the electrical impulses in the heart.

      now it has a backup, just in case it fails to execute an impulse at any time.
      the backup node is called the AV node.

      now let’s get back to shocking someone….

      so.. when something bad happens and both nodes are not firing, or firing at the same time, you get a heart attack, because blood is not flowing…
      now, when we shock someone, we are not restarting their heart. WE ARE KILLING IT.

      That’s right. the point behind shocking the heart, is to stop what the Sinus and AV nodes are doing, (because they are not effectively pumping blood)

      it can’t just touch any part of your body.

      now when the shock is administered, it stops the heart.

      and the idea now is…… the heart’s Sinus Node is supposed to Detect no movement and it’s then supposed to fire off an impulse to get the heart pumping again, while the AV node just let’s the Sinus Node do it’s job.

      that’s how the heart works..

      now to sort of answer your question.

      1. that would need to be a really big collar, because it would need to connect with the Apex and the Sternum in order for the current to pass through the heart

      2. Theoretically, if the shock was “strong enough”.. Yes it would be possible. assuming the shock passed through the heart , but seriously what dog shock collar out there could do that.

      3. i would need to know what Amps, Volts and Watts that collar is outputting

      4. in reality a dog shock collar attached to a person’s neck cannot stop your heart, the shock needs to pass through your. IN SAYING THAT… it cause other damage, depending on the current outputted. don’t try it.

      5. to be a bit realistic about this. theoretically if that were true. dogs would be having heart attacks all over the place, don’t you think.
      the idea behind a dog collar is to invoke pain compliance, so the dog does what you want, the shock does not need to be lethal in order for the dog to comply.


    • Martin Kuliza said:

      HUH, of course you can

      Your ability to release tears from your tear ducts does not depend on your environment, it’s dependant on your emotional state, so… Yes, You can cry in space, You can even cry underwater, if you really want to be technical about it, However underwater your tears would instantly bond with the water, in space your tears would most likely float away and not drop down, but that a whole seperate issue on HOW DIFFERENING GRAVITATIONAL CONDITIONS
      Affect differenct objects, Your releasing your Tears has nothing to with your environment

  48. mason said:

    Dear Mythbusters
    while I was at my friends house someone accidently dropped some ketchup in the fire and miraculosly it didn’t disolve or burn. I would like to know if this would happen with all ketchup and if they all are flame retardent. the ketchup was Hein’z. I would be extremly happy if you did try this. I am also a huge fan of your work. I like adam the most.

  49. Kimberly Sheridan said:

    Dear Mythbusters: Is it possible that tempratures inside an 80’s style Cobrahead streetlight can get so hot during sweltering summer nights that you could fry an egg in it? Here in my town sometimes evening tempratures don’t go below 85. With the streetlights taking over from the sun during a heat wave, they don’t go below 92.
    If you’ve done this experiment already, how can I download the segment. If you can fry an egg in a Cobrahead streetlight, it would be a great quiver in my arsenal of arguments about why my city should change all the streetlights to LED. Thank you. Kimberly Sheridan, Charm City Starry Night Project,

    • Kimberly Sheridan said:

      I’m Kimberly Sheridan of the Charm City Starry Night Project here in Baltimore. I asked whether a 300 watt Cobrahead streetlight could fry an egg in an urban city on hot summer nights. I have not got an answer because of a finger slip on the keyboard. My e-mail is I apologize for the mistake. I still want to know if that could happen. Could you even, as a few people around here say, cook a CHICKEN? Egg first, chicken later. Thank you for helping me understand more about physics. Kimberly Sheridan

  50. martin kuliza said:

    Hey Mythbusters, first of all Love the show, got every episode.
    My name is Martin Kuliza, i’m 38 years old, I’m a computer engineer and i’m a telecommunications engineer, However i’m not an electrician, But i do understand how electricity works and CES earthing system’s work, to state the obvious.
    NOTE, I live in Australia, and Common Residential Households use 240 V AC (RMS),10 Amp circuits, for a normal wall socket power point.
    now a bit of background (which you probably already know, but i’m just confirming)
    putting aside, SELV and ELV
    let’s concentrate of LV (Low Voltage) and HV (High voltage) Mains.
    as we commonly see in the street on the Power Poles.
    the way i was taught was that
    LV is defined as being between the range of 46.4 V AC – 1000V AC or 120V DC – 1500V DC
    and HV is defined as being above 1000V AC or above 1500V DC

    now other things that i learnt that are relevant here are….

    1. Electricity will always travel down the shortest path.
    2. Electricity will only do so if it is the path of least resistance
    3. Hypothetically if electricity had a choice of a path that was longer but offered much lower resistance, i was taught that it would take the path of least resistance.

    that being said.

    Before i ask the question, let me be clear that i’m not going to try this at home, so don’t worry (hence why i was asking you guys)
    i was hoping you could perhaps get buster to do this, rigged with a few sensors or something to that effect.

    We are assuming that the HV Power Cables are un shielded and uninsulated, they are raw exposed copper cabling hanging from pole to pole.

    Now.. the myth is.. if a person was to hang from that wire with both hands hanging on (let’s say for arguments say the person fell from a tall building and managed to grab the wires as opposed to falling to his/her death)
    Would this person survive or be electrocuted to death.

    Most people here would instantly say. HE WOULD DIE.
    I’ve even been told by the utility company , Integral energy, (their technicians), that what would happen is…. you would not die instantly, you would need to lose your grip and when you feet hit the ground, the electricity would supposedly, ground itself and you would only then, die.

    he also said this is why birds can land on a wire and not die.

    Personally i think that’s a load of crap and it does not make any scientific sense.

    This is what i believe to be true.

    1. It’s the Amps that kill you
    2 you only need about 5-6 milliamps (passing through your heart) to kill you
    3. Our bodies are (Somewhat) a conductor of electricity
    4. if 1000V AC is travelling down a highly conductive copper cable and those electrons passing by the first hand (let’s call it the left hand, for arguments sake), need to make a choice as to whether to travel down into the hand or continue down the cable.
    i believe that because the body offers some element of resistance, and some element of conductivity.
    but the Conductive properties of the body prove to be a poorer conducter when compared to the copper cable.

    Logically, the electricity should continue on the path of least resistance, which also happens to be a straight line, which is also the shortest path. therefore the person would survive.

    i have heard several stories on this.
    i have also heard electricians tell me that the electricity would go down the left hand past your heart and back up to your right hand (just to see what’s down there).
    that same electrician also told me that electricity will always do down the shortest path.

    now.. that doesn’t make sense to me,
    1. to go down the arm is not the shortest path,(hence a direct contradiction to his own statement)
    2. why would the electricity even bother to “see what’s down there”
    it fundamentally comes down to physics … right. it keeps travelling until it finds a better conductor.

    i was also asked by a few people, what if the cable broke.

    Well… obviously, in that case the (Assuming the body was suspended between the 2 ends, 1 hand holding 1 side and the other hand holding the other.
    the body would complete the broken circuit and would offer resistance, but would be more preferable than no conductivity, Hence the person would die.

    i was also told by experts that the power cables could theoretically suspend a 2 tonne vehicle, so a person body would be no problem at all.

    the question is…
    if a person had to grab on HV 1000V AC or higher to save themselves from hitting ground and dying.


    i think they would, and i think even if they did, and it was over a body of water, and then they fell into the water (A short distance below) they would still survive.

    But at the end of the day.

    So… i really really hope you unpack buster for this one , it would really be cool

    thanks guys

    PS even if you could email me with the answer that would be appreciated.

    Be Cool

  51. alexis said:

    There are big and powerful things out there but hears my QUESTION.

    What big and powerful thing can go through a brick wall leaving a hole. But what is to cause the MOST destruction in the brick wall?

  52. zach sales said:

    now as a student I love robots and I was wondering? If grant could come to russel midle school at colorado springs CO. As a mater a fact you should all come.

  53. lily hart said:

    Dear Adam and Jamie,
    I have a question that I’ve wanted to know for a long time. Do monkeys really love banannas or would they prefer something else?
    P.S. I love your show and I love watching everything blow-up and I’m only 12!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dave said:

    A little late to ask, but was it ever considered to put the Titanic
    passengers on one of the icebergs? Seems like they were
    pretty big and a better place to be than the water. There’s cold and then there’s wet cold. I’ll take cold….Heck, they could have taken some deck chairs and had a fire and not made a dent.
    Thanks Dave

  55. andrew said:

    Do cockroaches really crawl in your mouth while your sleeping?
    And also the same about spiders, please get the answer back asap because, my girl friend swears we eat them in our sleep
    Thanks, Andrew H

  56. seth said:

    how does hot water kill germs rather than cold water?please answer me back mythbusters and thank you for your time


  57. jordan stone said:

    um me and my dad was just watching your show and it was the episode were you showed that a through away lighter would not explode in a car well me and my dad were sat in his car the other day and the lighter exploded on the car dash and we live in the UK, we had a cheep see through through away lighter the ones from china so will you do a show on that please and get back to me asap

  58. Jason Lang said:

    My students and I were discussing microwave radiation and I shared with them the story I’ve heard about WWII radar operators standing in front of the radar to warm up – essentially microwaving themselves. They (the soldiers) first thought something was happening because the chocolate in their pockets would melt when working around the radar and took it the next step with their bodies when they were cold. I would love to know if that is myth or fact and I would like to know how microwaves damage your eyes (It would be so cool to “nuke” some eyeballs)! Thanks for the hours and hours of entertainment.

  59. carol chandler said:

    can you swing on a swing with rockets. then cut the chains off and then start the rockets to fly to outer space?

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      That’s soo cool

      depends on the rockets, and the power they have

      ever seen a NASA space shuttle launch
      Notice how much fire comes from the rockets

      those rockets are responsible for breaking the earths atmoshpere barrier

      to lift the object beyond the exosphere, aka inner space

      2 things need to be considered here

      1. You would burn alive in the process
      2, even if you somehow survived, You would need a method of directioning yourself to the outerspace, a swing set is not aerodynamic

      hope this helps

  60. Rich said:

    Can you stretch the lower intestines of a human being around the world?

  61. Anastasia said:

    For the SCIENCE WORLD CONTEST PROTECT THE PLANET 2012, if you didn’t send the form in with your picture… could it still count?. I didn’t know you had to didnt know because it didn’t saw in the magazine. I SENT ONE IN and I put a lot of effort and creativity in it too. CAN IT STILL COUNT? Please let it count. I DID PUT MY NAME ON IT, MY GRADE, MY SCHOOL NAME AND ADDRESS AND that’s it. My teacher know I entered the contest because I sent It from my school..Please let it count!!!!

  62. Amy Hopkins said:

    I would like to know if the beginning scene in the new Batman..”The Dark Knight Rises” is possible. I’m referring to the opening scene where the tail of the small plane is hooked to a larger plane and pulled vertical.

  63. dave said:

    Vases made in the 1950’s were painted with 24k gold. Called ”weeping gold.” Today, the price of these gold covered items are cheap. The reason is? I hear it has hardly no gold, and someone said it’s a bargain because it has 1/4 oz of gold. Anyway for you myth people to find out? 🙂 Thanks.

  64. Electrician said:


    My co-worker and i were discusiing if you can put to much pressure
    on the ratching end of a ratchet wrench when tighting and wreck the ratching part of the wrench?

  65. Shawn todd said:

    Hi there Adam and Jamie I’m a big fan and I have a myth for you
    The movie bait at the end of it one of the people shot a great white shark with a taser can kill a great white with a taser. Thanx kindly shawn

  66. mike said:

    Mythe: could two jet airliners full of fuel etc. Really bring down the steel towers?

  67. Ismael Guzman said:

    If your drunk, Can sucking on a PENNY(S) fool the breathalyzer test?

  68. Ismael Guzman said:

    MYTH: If you’ve had too much to drink and are pulled over by police, sucking on a copper penny will cause a chemical reaction that will fool the breathalyzer, causing it to register negative blood alcohol.

  69. Oran, age 7 said:

    Hi, how many playing cards does it take to stop a speeding bullet?

  70. chad malikowski said:

    If you launched a bunker buster bomb or some other type of bomb into a tornado would the after shock cause it to fall apart or disapate saving lives and towns from total destruction?

  71. carlie goldy said:

    If you put a rocket on the back of a car will it go faster?

  72. carlie goldy said:

    If you swim in pudding wil it make you go slower?

  73. carlie goldy said:

    If you swim in melted chocolate will you go slower?

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      i suppose, technically , if your referring to the phone as WHOLE, then yes it can
      technically the battery can blow up, in given conditioins

      the circuit board itself could short out, but not generate enough energy to cause an explosion

      it’s the battery that’s of concern

  74. Eric Stevens said:

    I have a “myth”, or rumor should I say, that I would like proven, whether it be busted or otherwise.
    There are usually 3 “speed” settings on a gas pump handle that one can choose from. Rumor has it that if you have the highest speed, or squeezing the handle all the way down, V.S. having the lowest speed selected, that you get more air into your gas tank than gas. In return, you spend more money for less gas. If one selects the lowest speed available at the same gas pump, one should get more “bang for your buck.” Some gas pumps you go to have the notches shaved off or removed, supposedly because they can get more money out of you this way.
    I would like to see you guys do this. I have always been a big fan. If this is proven to be true….this simple fact could make a major impact on our nation. Thank you for considering.
    Eric Stevens

  75. Ernie Parsley said:

    Of the two different shapes of lighters, oval and rectangular, which one will hold more weight without being crushed?

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      Interesting Question

      Ernie, i’m going to ask this and i’m sure adam and jamie will also

      when you say “Crushed”
      and which one would hold more weight


      What side is the weight acting upon, in your question

      with the Oval one
      is is the side, Hence the weakest point
      so.. if it was laying on it’s side
      or.. do you mean if it was standing up, hence it’s strongest point (becuase the power of a cylinder is great)
      hence how our Leg Bones work
      our leg bones, support great mass, but you kick someone in the shin and it breaks easily

      with the rectangular one
      1. is it standing up
      2 is it on it’s side, but the shorter width side
      3. is it on it’s side, but the longer width side

      or do you not care

      because the results would differ

      standing up would be the strongest
      laying on it’s side with the weight acting upon the shortest width part, would be support more weight than the longer width part

      and all that assumes you have not gas in it

      in which case, you would need to tell us how much gas

      what type of gas
      because the pressure of the gas would be a resisting force to the weight

      just a few thoughts

      thanks mate
      be cool

  76. Ed shizzle said:

    What direction would the water in a toilet bowl spin if it was flushed directly over the equator? Also, are you hiring?

  77. Miker Rahming said:

    So, can pee really be a good exception for water in a radiator…if you run out of water..? I saw it on the first Red Dawn, when Patrick swayze asked one of the boys to piss in the radiator ….so is it possible?.

  78. Leo said:

    Can you smash or crack a diamond with a hammer made of cast iron

  79. Smokey Sullins said:

    Moths to a FLAME………. Can the Very bright Blue Light on a Police car at night actually cause a drive to sway toward the BLUE Light…… Some car have very bright blue light for daytime visability….but at night its like haveing bright high beams shining in your eyes…. I have knowtice that while passing by a Poloce car at night it is hard to see…. By having a dimmer on the emergecy light may save lives of Police officer …. Just like dash light go from bright to dim at night or when headlights on…

  80. Eugene Meyers said:

    During WW 2 were there any casualties caused from the spent .50 cal casings during straffing missions.

  81. Tracy said:

    How fast is a chameleon’s tong? Is it really as fast as a fighter jet?

  82. lee said:

    u guys ever do a show on a faraday cage and EMP’S

  83. Richard Henry said:

    In your Indy car special the myth were you see if you loose weight when racing I think everyone should have been weight with just normal clothes rather then your racing suit because if you guys claim you loose your weight from sweat well then it comes out and get your suit wet so when you weight yourself its still there don’t you thing you should have starte in casual clothes got changed raced then removed the suit and put back on exact same clothes you wore when you started and weight yourself again just a idea if in worn please explain so I understand thank you again love the show

  84. Tom Tupps said:

    I have a farm in Fla elevation approx. 10 ft above sea level and a home in Atlanta elevation approx. 1000 ft above sea level. So technically its approx. 990 ft downhill from home to farm. Yet it takes 1 tank of fuel + to go from home to farm and slightly less than a tank to go from farm to home. Is this because going south you are going toward equator which is highest point on the globe toward the sun, aka uphill, thus offsetting the nearly 1000 ft reverse elevation change? I drive about 75mph interstate on cruise both ways. Ive made the trip dozens of times and its always the same result. There must be a place in California you can recreate this test. Temperature and time of year don’t affect the numbers. You lack our humidity, but it seems if you go south then reverse to north the same route there; you should get the same result. If not then conspiracy theories come into play. Wheres Issac Newton when you need him? Thanks guys Tom Tupps

  85. Austin said:

    In South Park they shoved food up their anus and then dedicated out of their mouth, is this possible?

    • Martin Kuliza said:

      Hi Austin, My Name is Martin
      i’ve seen the show

      i like the show southpark and the systems
      but this episode was frickin stupid

      so.. let’s shove something up our ass and a piece of shit will come out our mouth

      NOW.. i think you already know the answer to this, but..
      You either want jamie or adam to shove something up their ass and see what happens

      I’m betting this is is.

      or your just curious

      now.. to answer you question to the point

      when you put a piece of food in your mouth
      Your teeth are the first step in the digestive process
      they cutt and crush the food, so it’s small enough to go down your throat and not choke you


      it’s not just gravity that makes food go from your thoat to your stomach


      it works doesn’t it


      Well……… it’s called peristalisis

      Peristalisis is a movement that in your throat.
      similar to how a snake moves along the ground

      in your throat you have cartilages and they move in a motion that causes food to move towards your stomach

      this rythmic motion called peristalisis

      That’s why you can’t shove food up y our ass and have it come out your mouth,

      now i’ll get to the ass end in a second, and you’ll see why.

      so, that’s how food gets to your stomach from your mouth.

      after your stomach its broken down by digestive juices and acids
      then it spills into your gall bladder (unless of course you don’t have one)
      and then it goes to your small intestine

      in your small intestines and large intestines , for that matter

      you have little finger like thingo’s that are calle VILLI
      they do a few things
      1. they increase the surface area of your intestine and allow for food absorbition
      these little fingers (as we call them in high school biology) carry the food in one direction.

      they actually direction the food to move from the small intestine,
      to you large intestine’s

      the large intestines use their VIlli to move the waste product
      (hence, the food – everything nutritional that the body has absorbed)
      it moves the waste to your anus
      and excretes the waste

      or simply put
      You take a shit

      theoretically if you tried sticking let’s say an apple wedge or a grape up your ass

      and let’s assume for arguments sake
      You had nothing digesting in your body

      the grape or apple, would come back out your ass
      maybe not straight away

      and due to pelvic floor muscles, Your able to HOLD IT, so to speak

      but you can only HOLD IT for so long
      after that, Peristalisis kicks in, and you have to shit it out

      and. NO, it would not come out as shit
      it would come out as a crushed grape

      it would come out undigested, because it didn’t get broken down by digestive juices

      you shove it in the wrong end, and the body , because of the peristalisis motion will send it out the correct way

      the body is not stupid

      hope that answers question to a satisfactory scientific and biological level

      be cool

      PS, no jamie or adam dont need stick anything up their ass so you can get your answer HUH

  86. scott said:

    I am a physics teacher and ned to find a cheep accelerometer. Or an accelerometer that my students can build

  87. Steve Harding said:


    I am David Harding’s father. David works with Adam & Jamie on the MythBuster Show, which my wife and I really enjoy watching. Adam & Jamie refer to David as David our good friend the “Data Doctor”…….

    Could you please let me know how I can get a list of the MythBuster shows and video clips of David to surprise him on a special occasion?

    My cell number is 817-807-0050. Please call me to discuss. Thank you sooo much!………Steve Harding

  88. Martin Kuliza said:

    Hey Adam and Jamie
    This most likely wont end up airing on your show, as i believe it wont be a popular topic

    I’m a computer engineer and Telecommunications Engineer
    with relation to installation of Digital TV Antenna’s and Satellite dishes in australia.
    i would like to ask this question

    Now.. in Telecommunications Engineering, we are taught that When using a Signal meter with Spectrum Analysis capability.
    let me be specific here.
    let’s say it’s a DVB-T Meter and the Modulation in Australia is COFDM
    so.. we are taught that a Digital Signal will have Amplitude (of course)
    and then you have the several factors that contribute to Quality
    such as
    Pre Viterbi (BER)
    Signal to Noise Ration

    and let’s just leave it at that for a second
    let’s not get into
    EVM and the rest of it

    now, here’s my question

    we are taught that if we insert a Signal Amplifier into the Network,
    then that amplfiers purpose is to raise the Amplitude of the existing signal
    and it does so, by sourcing the power from it’s Power Injector
    Usually 15V AC , that run up the coaxial 75Ohm RG6 Cable
    to the PCB Based Amplifier
    and hence the signal is amplified

    Amplification is not supposed to improve quality

    Because there is no component in the amplfier that performs error Correction

    so, let’s say i’m analysing CH6 (177.50Mhz)
    the amplitude is let’s say 43dBuV
    let’s say the PRE BER IS 4 x E-02
    SNR is 2dB

    then i go and pop on an amplifier

    i raise the amplitude to let’s say 60dBuV
    of course, i’ve just inserted 17dBuV additional

    but that’s just Voltage

    so why then, does the signal Quality pop up to
    PRE BER 8.11 E-05
    POST BER 0.00 E-08 (i understand this Post relative to the PRE)
    SNR 12.9 dB
    MER 12.8 dB

    the theory tells us this is not possible

    because in order for the PRE BER to increase in quality
    either more error correction needs to occur


    the signal needs to be louder, hence the SNR needs to be increased
    but that’s assuming that the overall quality of the signal is better to begin with

    the meter i’m using is a $7500 Meter
    Unaohm AP-01
    and i fully understand how to use it

    if you guys could explain this , so called phenomena


    there are not many people here in australia who actually care to comment on this or go into detials
    and those who do care, just brush it off as

    MATE, it’s just one of those things

    What an unsatisfying answer

    Please help me out if you can

    PS, i’ve watched every episode
    I’ve learned a thing or two

    and i i highly respect your experience and knowledge
    My hats off to you

    keep it up
    be cool guys

  89. Martin Kuliza said:

    Hello Amber
    My Name is Martin
    Computer Engineer
    Telecommunications Enginner
    Grade 3 Paramedic

    I Was considering NOT responding to this subject,
    but i can appreciate your curiosity
    so.. i will this once

    I wont go into detail OK

    I will say this

    Your answer is YES it can be done
    I have personally seen it happen

    its not a nice thing to see.

    in short…
    a Person crossed Train Tracks,
    Didn’t see the Train

    the Person went under the Train
    Didn’t Survive

    we don’t use the word Snapped
    we use the term BROKEN

    the person came out the other end of the accident in about 5 Pieces

    the coroners report revealed that the Torso was broken at the point where the pelvic girdle articulates with the spinal column

    basically the victim was broken in 2 at the waist

    for the record, it was not the wheels of the train that ran over his torso

    it was the force of the train itself

    From a Physics point of view

    Everything has a breaking strain
    including your body

    although, your body has built in shock absorbers, so to speak

    now, if you exceed the limits of what your body can handle, and you exceed the flexibilty capability of the body, ….. the body will then break

    just like any object

    You may as well have asked

    can a big piece of timber be snapped in half

    ANSWER, of course it can, if you have it secured and a big enough force hits it

    sure.. Why not

    I hope this answers your question

  90. Logan Jones said:

    If you were to leave your vehicle on at the gas station and explodes would the vehicle be in pieces or in one piece?

  91. Elizabeth H said:

    Does backwash occur when you drink from a straw?

  92. Christopher said:

    I am wondering if water becomes harder as the temperature drops and before it freezes? Example if I jump off a diving board into 33 degree water will the surface hurt more than if i do the same into 70 degree water.

  93. Scot Herrera said:

    On the blow your own sail episode does a silencer affect the velocity of the bullet?

  94. Christopher Doherty said:

    Love your show AND would you please tell me where I can get blue pads of paper as used on your show to illustrate experements. Very efective especialy with white brushpen and classy to boot. Have been searching for years. Moblato obligato. Christoph

  95. abhinav said:

    can we build small rockets and fit it in some sort of vest and then wear it and takeoff like a jetpack and land safely??

  96. jay said:

    question is there a way to turn a propane tank into a booster rocket?
    the ideal is to put a modified seat on a tank with some weight and see how far it can shoot upward without fire or an explosion. this is for a research purpose only, not trying it at home.just need to know if it is plausible or not .

  97. Tyler Kligora said:

    Can a train be blow up with a stick of dynamite and a grenade?

  98. James said:

    Dear myth busters:I live in fredonia Arizona, and I need some help with a science project. It has to do with heat and preasure explosions, and witch one happens sooner than the other, and witch one has more shrapnel. My hypothesis is: the preasure explosion wil go off sooner than the other and will make more shrapnel. PS; it has to be in two different metal containers.

    • Martin KULIZA said:

      Hello James there are parts of your question that are vague
      but, i hope this helps

      Heat vs Pressure and which one happes first…
      it’s like this
      Pressure occurs first
      Heat is directly proportional to Pressure

      Once Pressure Builds up (let’s say in some container) and it occupies the whole container and can’t escape

      if the source of the pressure continues to apply pressure into the container
      the pressure will build up

      the pressure pushing against that walls of the container will produce heat

      the more pressure = The More heat

      so you can’t have one without the other

      if you want to compare a Heat Explosion
      a Pressure Explosion
      YOU CAN’T

      because, the word EXPLOSION by definition
      Means something that is contained under pressure and that pressure can no longer be contained by the container Hence
      you get an explosion

      a result of the explosion is Heat, then after that Fire
      that’s a good example as well
      Heat has to exist before fire

      so. your Hypothesis is sort of correct
      Let’s analyze is in terms of “what will go off sooner”
      Pressure build up will go off sooner
      now. consider this, there is no way for a Heat explosion to go off except unless it builds up pressure as a result of the heat

      Hence why when it does “Go Off”
      you can see it explode in a 360 degree circle

      this is the pressure Levelling out and reducing itself to it’s surroundings

      it will continue to expand until it reaches the pressure level of it’s surroundings

      as for which will produce more shrapnel
      there’s no way for us to know

      we have to know how much pressure there is
      we have to know exactly what material is being used (metal, is too vague, we need to know specfic type of metal)

      Generally speaking, to give you an idea
      Harder Metals will produce More Shrapnel flying off than softer metals

      However, if the explosion is only strong enough to explode the soft metal container but not the hard one, then the Soft metal will produce more shrapnel because the other produced zero shrapnel

      so. Pressure is important to be factored in

      I hope all this helps

      • James Olson; age: 16 said:

        thank you for the answer, but what I meant to say was they are both in the same container but only one container has them both, and the other has only pressure, and how about this for a myth one of my friends in school said that that their was a roomer going around about a glass ball coming into some persons hot water heater and on contact with the heated water inside, it shot out the top of the tank and into a television on their first floor and it eploded.

        • Martin KULIZA said:

          Hi James
          i know what you meant, and just to clarify something
          if we have the following
          CONTAINER 1 : Contain Heat + Pressure
          CONTAINER 2 : Contains Pressure Only

          you can’t have that, because as i stated above, if there is Pressure there is Heat, that’s why in science when we are talking about something we always say,
          “Given Standard Temperature and Pressure”

          we say this because we know that when Heat/Temperature is in question, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PRESSURE.

          Hence it’s impossible to have 1 Container with Pressure only, if your science teachers tells you otherwise, He /She is either
          1. An absolute idiot
          2. Considers the heat to be so minor that it’s factored out of the equation (Technically it’s still there) but he’s not worrying about it,
          in which case, we then need to add something else to this equation, and that is, What accuracy level are we focussing on.

          as for your next comment
          FIRST OF ALL, It’s spelt as RUMOUR not Roomer

          as for the Rumour (it sounds like bullshit to be honest) Let me give you supporting facts

          1. it started as a rumour not as a lecture or factual event that a lot of people witnessed

          2. the fact that someone would say “Glass Ball” as opposed to “Rock” suggests the story was fabricated, How does a Pefectly shaped Glass Ball, that happens to Perfectly fit the size of the Outlet Pipe happen to just enter the Inlet pipe of a Water Cooler, Amazing Co-incidence, don’t you think

          but.. Let’ humour it, Let’s say it actually happened

          3. You said that UPON THE GLASS BALL COMING INTO CONTACT WITH WATER it shot out of the top of the tank

          sort of to suggest that the pressure that was built up caused the ball to shoot out like a bullet so to speak and go UPWARDS and through a layer of concrete and then still have enough intertia to penetrate a TV

          this doesn’t make sense, because…
          first of all, DO THIS EXPERIMENT IF YOU LIKE

          Get a Pot, fill it up with water,
          put it on the stove,
          Boil the water big time
          put a glass into the water and see what happens

          FACT, Glass Doesnt react with water
          FACT Glasses are used to Store water for that specific reason

          so glass doesn’t react with water,
          but, this is HOT water, BOILING WATER

          so. Temperature is the question here

          What will most likely happen to a glass or glass ball when dropped in boiling water is, IT WILL CRACK

          Because, The Heat Causes Expansion of the Covalent bonds in the Structure of the glass, and if the Glass is not Maleable (Bendable) which it’s not, it will crack

          also, Given the Weight of the Glass ball in the boiler, it would probably just sink to the bottom of the boiler after exiting the Inlet Pipe

          another thing

          THE INLET PIPE is at the bottom of the boiler (on the side of it)

          THE OUTLET PIPE is at the top (on the side of it)
          so, first question is.. HOw did the heavy ball get from being on the bottom due to gravity and weight, to being at the top, IT CAN’T

          and even if it did, how did it shoot upwards instead of outwards

          Let’s assume (and this is really a far stretch) that the Outlet was on the top of the boiler pointing upwards,

          the outlet has to be connected to your plumbing, like a shower or something,

          so, Even if somehow the glass ball got to the top
          and someohow it managed to cause a blockage in the pipe
          and somehow it managed to build up enough pressure to push it down the pipe

          How the hell did it go straight up, as opposed to going down the pipe to the shower

          Your talking about assuming that
          the ball
          – Burst through the copper pipe
          – then Had enough Inertia to go completely through a Level of concrete
          – Then still had enough inertia to enter a TV set

          that’s not possible
          because pressure in a boiler doesn’t instantly rise like that

          it builds up slowly over time
          and if that was to happen


          What your talking about cannot happen

          and finally
          YOU SAID IT EXPLODED as if to suggest it burst into flames
          the glass could not have combusted into flames

          it’s more likely (if this bullshit actually happened at all) that…
          the Glass ball Penetrated the TV (Assuming it was a CRT TV) and it could have caused the TV’s Cathode Ray Tube to Explode

          but, think about it..

          it’s a GLASS BALL
          What’s harder, Glass or Copper
          Answer Copper Pipe
          so, the Glass would have broken

          What’s harder a Glass Ball or A Concrete Slab
          Answer = Concrete Slab
          even if it made it out of the Copper Pipe, the Concrete Floor, or even wooden floor would have shattered that Glass travelling at that speed into pieces

          if that happened, the force that was applied by the Glass Ball on the Concrete, was THEN OVERCOME by the concrete and the Ball shatters due to the kinetic energy suffered from the concrete


          if it did penetrate the concrete, that means that the Ball Exerted enough Kinetic energy to Overcome the Molecular bonds of the concrete

          Seriously, this is so Hypothetical right now that it’s stupid
          becauuse we now get into a discussion of Density

          Density of Concrete vs Density of Glass
          the short story is, THE CONCRETE WINS

          so, it couldn’t make it to the next level
          even if you fired a 9 calibre round through that concrete it still wouldn’t make it through

          Now let’s say that by some fantastic act of god, it actually made it through the concrete without being shattered to pieces

          (putting aside that this negates almost every law of physics) but.. ok, let’s roll with it

          the glass ball would not have enough inertia to get through the TV
          because each time it passes through an object that offers resistance to it’s momentum

          it’s momentum MUST SLOW DOWN , hence Decrese in speed

          so, it went through
          – A copper Pipe
          – A Slab of Concrete
          these are your resistance factors

          now compare that to the Exit speed of the Ball coming out of the pipe as a result of Pressure from the water vapour

          Exactly how much pressure was exerted on the ball

          because, honestly, if you had enough pressure exerted on that GLASS BALL to overcome this resistance

          the ball wouldn’t go flying

          the ball would instaltly shatter from the pressure and their would just be pieces of glass inside the water heater.

          MYTH BUSTED
          this sounds like a story that some kid made up and other kids believed,

          it can’t happen like that mate
          Water Heater companies would get the arse sued off them if it could happen,

          Hope that helps you understand.

  99. "pyro" said:

    To the Mythbusters: how long would you have to cook a book in a microwave before it caught on fire? if it would at all.

  100. Martin Kuliza said:

    hi mate, this isn’t very hard to test, why don’t you just test it yourself.

    Just after reading your question, I DID TEST THIS.

    Now. you need to define “A Book”.
    Are we talking about the bible, are we talking about a kids golden book or are we talking about something like those 5 page kid books with thick pages.

    You need to define the following
    1. How big and thick are the books covers
    2. How big and thick (let’s say in GSM) are the pages
    3. knowing Density would also help

    but for what it’s worth…
    I tested 1 Standard, non gloss A4 Sheet of paper Reflex Brand

    My Microwave is High Power (not sure of the wattage)
    it can usually cook a microwave meal in 30 seconds
    it can defrost around 500grams of Mince meat in around 2 minutes

    so, in my Microwave oven
    (Worst case scenario is … the paper catches on fire…. so what,
    have your finger on the STOP button and have some water handy,)
    TEST 1 – A4 Sheet of paper in microwave on HIGH for 30 Seconds
    RESULT – paper got very very mildly warm, nothing major

    TEST 2 – A4 Sheet of paper , allowed to cool down to room temperature, then heated on HIGH for 1 Minute
    RESULT – No Combustion. Paper got extremely warm to mildly hot.
    there was 1 brown spot the size of an Australian 10 cent

    Now, i don’t really want to clean my oven out from having ash in it.
    but my guess would be this…

    To burn 1 A4 Sheet of paper it would take approx , i would guess 3 minutes, maybe 4 minutes
    i can’t see it taken longer than 5mins

    let’s give it best case scenario of 2 mins.
    Now that’s 1 SHEET OF PAPER LOL

    when you put 2 A4 Sheets together in a book it really adds up.
    let’s say this book has 10 Pages and is standard A4 size and thickness
    i’m guessing you could put in the microwave for about an hour and all you would get is a really hot book. LOL

    Let alone if this was a stephen king paperback novel like Nightmares and Dreamscapes for example.

    i say try it, if you don’t mind cleaning your microwave up afterwards and having a burnt smell in their for a while
    but monitor it

    nothing going to explode
    it’s just 1 piece of paper, or 1 Book Catching alight and combusting

    chances are,
    you could have a water soaked rag, standing by
    so that when you open the microwave with the paper or book on fire, you just toss the rag over the book and the fires out.

    Going off your name, Why don’t you just live up to the name of pyro and try lighting stuff up, LOL
    be cool mate

  101. DDDEATH45 said:

    Can jet fuel melt steel beams? I’m guessing no, because you would need a furnace-like construction to trap the heat in enough to get the temperature hot enough to melt that type of metal. but what do i know? I’m just going on my minimal knowledge of the subject.

    • DDDEATH45 said:

      Afterthought: could the world trade center have acted like a furnace and trap heat in? I don’t think so, due to it not being designed to have heat-trapping properties, but it would be something for someone who knows more to think about.

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