Formative Assessment with DE Streaming Quiz Builder

For veteran users of DE Streaming you are probably fully aware of the quiz builder tool. However for those of you who are not I would highly recommend using this as a powerful formative assessment tool in your curriculum. It can be used in a variety of ways but I like to use it for students who are absent or are planning to be absent.

Quiz builder allows you to create custom quizzes based off of DE Streaming video clips. The quiz is assigned a url and/or a code. The url can be put on your own website or blog where students can access it, take it, and the best part is that your students results are e-mailed to you upon completion.

I have begun to build a set of quizzes for each unit I teach. My goal is that I will have one for each unit and students may use it as a back up plan for lectures they may miss and are unable to come in before or after school. I am also hoping that students who are present will be able to use them as another resource for comprehension and understanding.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out quiz builder I would highly recommend it. Have a good Thanksgiving Break!


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