Austin Hosting Day of Discovery

This just in from Howard Martin, events planner for the Texas Leadership Council/Austin area:

“Austin, Texas is gearing up for a great Day of Discovery on December 6th. Discovery Education Regional Manager Justin Karkow will be bringing a host of Discovery resources with him to provide an exciting day of discussion and training. Local DEN Stars Howard Martin, Diane Sidoroff, and Arturo Guajardo will also be sharing impactful sessions that can be used to provide exciting media integration into the classroom curriculum.  Topics will include: Streaming Overview, 50 Ways and Beyond to Integrate Discovery Education streaming, Powerful Multimedia Presentations and Digital Storytelling. Learn about the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) and how you can become a STAR Discovery Educator!   To sign up for one of the remaining seats, go to . ”

Whether you have ever been to a Day of Discovery or not, you should definitely click on the link above to register and attend if you will be in the Austin area this weekend! Any gathering of DENizens is always a networking treat!


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