Google Street View

Today’s e-newsletter from Google, called the Sightseer (sign up here), highlights a cool new feature of Google Earth.  Street View is a layer now available.  Once you turn on the layer, you will see icons of cameras in several locations.  You can zoom in for a closer 3D look!  Street View imagery is now available in the US, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, and Italy.

Detroit RiverfrontYou can also access Street View from Google Maps.  I just virtually traveled to the waterfront shops in Detroit.  Yes, there really are some beautiful areas in Detroit!  Wouldn’t you like to take a scroll down this street? 

How-to directions for using Street View in Google Earth are available from Google Earth’s web page. 

To access Street View from Google Maps, click and drag the yellow figure/man on the left side of your screen.

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