In the Land of Oz

As in Australia, actually. After following director Baz Luhrman’s “Set to Screen” learning series on Apple’s education site since the spring, we finally saw the movie last weekend. Sweeping epic is the first simplistic description that comes to mind. The movie is huge and long, spanning “just” a few years from the beginning of WWII to the U.S. getting involved after Pearl Harbor.

s2sediting.pngIt’s a western, a love story, a war story, and a human rights study with some clever allusions to the “Wizard of Oz” movie. But this is not intended to be a review. This post is about student engagement in creating their own learning stories with the simple video tools available to them.

s2scamera.pngBaz generously shared his thoughts and his staff through 10 podcasts over seven months. We can’t expect our students to match the talent and technical expertise that come together in a Hollywood blockbuster, but we can help them become more discerning viewers and understand the elements of crafting a good visual story. Tune in to the “Set to Screen” podcasts or just cast your “third eye” on the movies, TV shows, and commercials you see for good storytelling angles.


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