Take Voicethread to Go!

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image by via CrunchBaseI received a Voicethread features update e-mail today and thought that I would share what I think is a REALLY COOL new feature, exporting Voicethreads for playback on iPods and iPhones.

Take your VoiceThread and put it into iTunes or your pocket for on-the-go viewing and presenting. Whenever you export, you now have the choice to either download a full sized high resolution archival movie version or one that has been formatted to go directly onto your iPod or iPhone, or both. 🙂

Granted, you have to pay for exporting your Voicethreads, but if the VT is something that students (or, you) might go back to frequently, this is an excellent way to make educational use of iPods and iPhones.

Another feature that I have been eagerly awaiting is support for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats.

We now fully support Microsoft Office 2007 file formats when uploading into your VoiceThreads. Microsoft Photo Story 3 video support coming soon.

I know many teachers who have been allowing students to post on Voicethread from the same account. Here is an important security update about this practice. An alternative to this practice, while not having to use students’ personal e-mail accounts for registration, is to use the Gmail trick.

Beginning January 1, 2009 we will no longer allow multiple simultaneous logins to the same account. While this may have been a convenient feature it was also a potential security risk. After January 1, 2009 whenever you log in to VoiceThread on a new computer, we will automatically log you out of any computers that you were previously logged into.

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