Friends, Romans, and GoogleEarth heads

rome.png Take a Roman holiday–a Roman Empire holiday!  I got an email from Googler AnnaBishop.  She processes the Google Earth Pro requests from educators and wants them to keep on coming!  So take advantage of that special offer by emailing (educators only!  Everybody else pays the $400). She also let me know about the new layer in Google Earth–Ancient Rome in 3D. Any participant in DEN Google Earth workshops knows, we talk lots about layers, the content already created for you, in addition to, of course, talking about building your own content with students.  (Discovery has a layer or two.)  This is a new one, so take it for a spin.  In Google Earth, under Layers in Gallery, select Ancient Rome 3D.  Bring a toga. There is also a curriculum competition (“When in Rome, Teach!”) for all grade levels and K-12 subject areas.  Prizes include Apple MacBook laptop, Digital classroom projector, Digital camera, 3D Navigation mouse, $500 in gift cards to Target or Office Depot, and an engraved plaque.
Engraved Google “Top Educator” plaque.  Deadline, just before the Ides of February.  My own suggestion: Make a Placemark with video in the description box–a video of you or your students in Roman garb, reciting Latin, holding olives, etc., poke it right into Ancient Rome, save it as kmz file and send it in. The description box plays Flash files (how to) , so use jing.pngJing (free) to make a video of yourself or students with your webcam, save it as flash, and embed it into the box.  Note:  The kmz file won’t carry the flash file with it, so post it online (TeacherTube, YouTube) and embed the code (how to) or send that file along.  More on exactly how to do that in the next post! More.

More info and a trip to Rome:


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  1. Heather Wasemann said:

    I didn’t really know about google earth. This really neat thanks for the information. I’ll have to check it out for myself now.

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks, Heather. And check out the new post later tonight (Feb 4)Cool instant video of your class into Google Earth.

  3. Shawn Salevsky said:

    This seems like a really interesting way to bring learning from acroos the worl right into the classroom. The kids are so used to seeing this kind of thin in a text book and what a great thing to be able to see the real thing. plus I see kids playing a google earth all the time funny that they are actually learning something.

  4. Brad Steigerwalt said:

    I’ve used Google Earth before, but have never checked out those Gallery layers. I can see that I will need to see what other layers have been added in the past couple of years! That really must have taken a lot of work to completely model Ancient Rome in this fashion! I can believe the intricate modeling of the Colosseum. They even had the individual posts for the sun-shade.

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