TIES that Bind

As the days get shorter here in the northern hemisphere, our memories seem to get longer. Flying back from Minneapolis after two days presenting at the TIES conference with some Apple friends, I found myself thinking back to my first time attending and presenting at an out of state conference almost twenty years ago. I had opened my mouth one too many times at a national Apple Users’ Group  gathering in Chicago and the Apple Ed folks there recruited me to be part of the Education Users’ Group Panel. Our first trip was to MECC in Minneapolis. Little did I know then that it was the beginning of the end of me as a Spanish teacher and the beginning of my multimedia career. I was delighted to see almost exactly half of the audience standing when they asked for a show of classroom teachers before Dan Pink’s keynote. “Way back when,” a Spanish teaching coach, like many other subject areas, was an oddity.

jbatties.jpgIt was great to be able to share some tricks with the built in webcam and Photo Booth. No matter what their subject or grade level, they saw plenty of possibilities for on the spot picture taking and movie making (even using the chroma key feature in Leopard). It was also great to watch my colleagues share what can be done with iPods, Garage Band, podcasting, and easy web authoring. (Click the names on http://web.me.com/thinkahead/TIES2008/Welcome.html to see their “handouts”)

And just to keep all of our tech memory synapses firing, ISTE is soliciting your stories to celebrate the 30th NECC this summer. More on that later.


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