EduBlog Award 2008

DENinSL EduBlog Award

Thank you

Each and every one of you who have made and continue to make the DEN in SL possible.

First, thank you to all the DEN members – both inworld and in real life.  Without you NONE of this is possible.

Next, thank you Steve Dembo for be willing to take a chance and letting us ‘run with it’.

Thank you Lance Rougeux and all the DEN leaders who have walked through the ‘looking glass’ and into the virtual world to share resources and presentations (and for those of you who have yet to walk in a noobie’s shoes, don’t worry!  2009 will be your year! LOL).

Thank you to the DEN Guides who have given so generously of their time to ensure that presentations flow smoothly and to greet visitors to the DEN in SL HQs.

Finally, a HUGE thanks to the DEN in SL LC.  Riptide, for your fearless and persuasive leadership style; you’ve helped us all to push our limits and you’ve been there to rein us in when we’ve gone overboard.  Lor, for your unrelenting pursuit of presenters; you’ve kept us on task, made sure our Wednesdays were always filled, and helped more than one presenter new at the task of presenting inworld.  Beth, for developing wonderful hardcopy resources, for heading up the DEN Guide program,  for presenting, and for being on hand to assist at workshops and events.  JessieMarie, for facilitating some of our major events such as Shark Week and the Winter Carnival and for helping our DEN in SL HQs build evolve.  Celestia, for thinking not ‘outside the box’, but ‘inworld’ and envisioning a new building for the DEN in SL; you’ve made the seasons and holidays take on a new meaning inworld.

Laelia Laval


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  1. Steve Dembo said:

    First of all, I think it’s actually a 2008 EduBlog Award, not 2009 🙂 But seriously, the award is so well deserved. As a team, you work incredibly hard and have truly created something amazing out of nothing. This award is a testament to your hard work and your dedication. I could be more proud to be associated with all of you.


  2. Emilia Cornwall said:

    Congratulations! This is such a deserving award for a wonderful and fun group of educators who provide great resources and workshops. We Senior Project® folks are soooo happy you are our neighbors in SL!!

  3. Dennis Swain said:

    Awesome! I’m not surprised at all. You are all top notch. I can’t wait to learn from the best and present in world. Great way to kick off the New Year!!!

  4. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Congratulations to the SL team who made this award possible. Huge kudos. Like Dennis Swain, I want to learn from you, the best of the best. Happy holidays; I’m looking forward to a great new year in SL.

  5. Lor said:

    And Laelia, thank you for your wonderful blog posts and for helping us have fun in SL. We have been such a wonderful team! I look forward to another great year!

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