It's a Wrap – Winter Carnival December 17th

Winter Wonderland Carnival with the DEN in SL
‘….and the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful….’  OK, imagine that (if those indeed are the words) being sung terribly off-key.  That’s basically what I was humming as I was gearing up to join the rest of the party at the Winter Carnival last Wednesday.  Luckily I had dressed the day before, as I was participating in Discovery Network’s Webinar featuring Jason Ohler.  I headed inworld as the last of the real world clapping died down.  I landed at DEN in Sl HQs where I was greeted by Beth who was giving out landmarks to the event.  I quickly teleported on over and then I had to stand there and stare in awe.  What a beautiful place!  JessieMarie Flanagan, with her outgoing nature had made contact with a sled maker and one thing led to another and before we knew it the DEN in SL Winter Carnival was in development (thanks JM for getting the ball rolling on this one).


Anyways……there I was at dAlliez Estates looking over some tracks at the frozen pond where ‘some’ people were obviously having a ‘little’ too much fun! LOL  I skipped putting on my skates as I was offered a ride in Santa’s sled to take a tour of the Sim.  One of the stops was at the igloo — which later was the site of the live music and dancing.  I decided to head up the hill and try my hand at sledding down — I didn’t know what to do — manuever with my arrows or type ‘LOOK OUT!!!’ into the chat window (I opted to warn everyone in my path with ‘LOOK OUT!!!’ LOL).  Luckily the sleds were scripted so they didn’t go crashing into the skaters on the pond — PHEW!  That was close!  After all that physical exercise I did what any normal female avi would do — SHOP!!! LOL  Yup, this sim had it all!  Skating, hot chocolate, sledding, Santa,  and SHOPPING!!!  At one point I had a moment of panic (I even IM.ed Riptide Furse) as I found a picture of myself hanging in a shop (actually I had a ‘freak out’ moment! LOL).  After composing myself I explored a little further and found that I was looking at a Magic Mirror object created by Cory Weston — the picture becomes an image of the avatar that is nearby.  By then I was ready for a little D&D (DJing & Dancing) so I headed up to the igloo, and was serenaded by the music of Trowzer Boa.  Not only did he entertain us with his Bot Band at the beginning, but then we were swaying to sax tunes he was playing in RL.  If you’re a saxophone fan, you might want to check out where Trowzer will be playing next inworld — his voice was like velvet and the melodies coming out of his sax will have you swaying both inworld and out!

12-17wintercarnival_012Dec 17_035Dec 17_04412-17wintercarnival_016Winter Wonderland Carnival with the DEN in SLWinter Wonderland Carnival with the DEN in SL

Image Sources: Flickr – Krossbow and Flickr – DiscoveryEducation


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