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Listening to NPR Radio “All Things Considered” today, I learned about a really interesting website designed to coordinate support for those to need. The website was featured as part of the “All Tech Considered” segment.

The site, Lotsa Helping Hands, is a philanthropic venture of a for-profit company looking to give back by empowering communities to support individuals, families, and other special groups.

How does the service work?

In literally minutes, a Coordinator can create, free-of-charge, a private and secure Lotsa Helping Hands web community, define volunteer activities using the supplied templates, and begin inviting members to the community. Through an intuitive interface that requires no training, volunteers can then easily view and sign up for any number of available tasks, review their current commitments, and be confident they won’t forget any assignments as the system automatically sends out email reminders of upcoming obligations.

Community members also have access to the community’s private message boards, photo galleries, resource sections for sharing relevant web links and documents, and even a Well Wishes wall. Any number of custom community sections can be created by the Coordinators to enrich the flow and sharing of information within the community, keeping all members, near and far ‘in the loop’.

The NPR segment also featured a few other online charitable services:

  • Donors Choose – a company that connects students and teachers to people who would like to donate *
  • Charity Choice – a “new spin on a very traditional gift.” The card allows people to go online and choose the charity they would like to receive the funds.

* Did you know that Discovery Education partnered with Donors Choose to create a challenge page to help raise funds for special educational projects submitted by Discovery Educators?

I thought that these were terrific websites to feature around the holidays.

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