What did you learn in 2008?

Inspired by teacher Larry Ferlazzo and his recent blog post that asks his readers what they have learned this year; I’ve decided to ask the same of you.  However, I want to know what you’ve learned this year about either Discovery Streaming and/or the “NewDiscovery Educator Network.  Post your reflections as comments below.

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  1. Mark Perlman said:

    Learned that being part of DEN means there is an instant family of expert helpers ready to assist. Learned that Discovery puts it’s resources where it’s mouth is when it comes to support. Learned that Lance and Matt are not the only great people at Discovery. Proud to be associated with all of them.

  2. Lee Kolbert said:

    Great idea for a post. I learned that DEN peeps really listen to our feedback. As evidenced by recent changes to the DEN site, it is easy to see that those at Discovery Education do a great job of not only listening to us, but encouraging us to provide them with feedback.

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