Don't Smoke!


Don’t even start! Easy advice, right? It was easy for my two sisters, three brothers and I to follow. We watched dad cough and wheeze through two packs a day until he died of lung cancer before he reached 60.

Those couple of sentences may have touched you but I doubt they would be any more effective reaching our students than the “Just Say No” campaign of the Reagan years. The Great Minds Foundation has a great idea though. Let students share that message with each other . This year’s competition invites 14-22 year old students to make a PSA encouraging their peers not to smoke. There are five cash prizes ranging from $2,000 to $250 as further incentive. But hurry, the deadline is January 15, 2009.
Wait! There’s more! They also have an open category for “Most Powerful Video – Any Inspirational Topic.” There are three prizes in this category from $1,000 to $250.

And as always, you can win just by visiting the site and watching some of the powerful work on a variety of real world topics that students have made.



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  1. K Marshman said:

    This is a great idea. I always think that students respond to information presented by their peers in a positive manner and using digital storytelling to complete the task makes this opportunity even better.

  2. Elias said:

    I have observed that in the area of visual arts, especially painting and sculpture, a LOT of artist do smoke, seems kind of a common “escape” or something…

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