New Year, New Image Resolutions

Sorry about the title of this post, but I’ve always been a sucker for a good pun :)

I decided to forgo sending out my usual Holiday Card this year, and instead, created a “Year in Review” music video of my son, Connor (6).  I used an AWESOME web 2.0 tool called Animoto.

Animoto is an online digital storytelling tool that’s been taking the world by storm.  Basically, you give them your photos & they give you a music video.  Anyone can register for a standard, FREE account, which gives you the ability to make an unlimited amount of videos, each up to 30 seconds long.  But, as an educator, you can sign up for an all-access account, which allows you unlimited video length for you and all of your students!  Take just minutes to create a video. Bring your lessons to life. Post/embed videos elsewhere or download them for in-class presentations!  The possibilities are endless…

As usual, your fellow DEN educators are at the forefront of using this Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling tool for educational purposes.  In fact, DEN educators are the REASON Animoto for Education even exists!  I’m not kidding, Really!

animoto quote by you.

I could go on and on with examples of how Animoto can help you help your students gain valuable 21st Century Skills, but since a picture tells a thousand words, a video must tell at least ten thousand, right?

Animoto is such an easy tool to use, I’m not even going to bother walking you through the steps. I promise, you will have more fun learning how to use it on your own (it is SOOOO easy!). For more information on how to get Animoto for Education accounts for you and your students, Click Here. Enjoy,  and don’t forget to share you projects with the rest of us :)Happy Storytelling and Happy New Year to You & Your Loved Ones!

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