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I know that a few others have blogged about this contest, but it’s a really great idea and I wanted to share it here as well.

BrainyFlix is endeavoring to help students better prepare for the SATs through a mode of learning that research has proven to be very powerful for 21st century learners – video. Here is the contest overview.

We’re trying to help kids prepare for the SAT by offering fun and free videos about SAT vocabulary, made by YOU!

We’re offering $600 in prize money to the video that receives the most number of votes. $200 of the payout will go to the maker(s) of the video and $400 to the class or school club of his/her choice.

And to make this viral, we’ll give out 1 free iTunes download for every 5 videos you submit or referrals you provide.*

Contest has begun! But don’t worry there is plenty of time to get involved. Students can submit entries until March 16th, 2009

*iTunes downloads available for first 1000 videos only.

Here are the contest rules:

  • Make a video about any SAT/ACT vocabulary word of your choosing from this list. On that list, we’ll show you how many videos have been submitted for each word. Please choose one without any videos submissions. 🙂
  • 1 video for 1 word, but you can make as many videos as you want.
  • Anyone can enter the competition! Just remember that part of the prize money has to go to a U.S. high school or middle school of your choosing.
  • All voting will happen at, so make sure your video includes the following text: “Vote for this video at”. And substitute the “xxxxx” with your vocab word.
  • Important contest dates:
    • Video submission opens: 1/1/2009
    • Video submission ends: 3/16/2009
    • Voting opens: 3/23/2009
    • Voting ends: 4/5/2009
    • Winners announced: 4/13/2009

More information including video guidelines and posting instructions is available on the contest guidelines page.

Here is an example of a student-created video for the contest.

Click here to review the word list or click here to enter your video into the contest.

By the way, here are two other great online applications for practicing SAT vocabulary: FreeRice and Verbalearn.

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