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I had an opportunity to [virtually] meet the developer of a top-notch literature annotation website, Power Moby-Dick. Power Moby-Dick is a full-text annotation of Herman Melville‘s classic novel. The site also offers resources for students and teachers as well as a regular features on the book’s ongoing cultural impact.

Click here to explore the teacher resources, including critical analysis essays, background on Melville, powerful visuals like the diagrams of whaling vessels, historical references, and much more.

There is a easy-to-navigate glossary as well as a full-text search, which is a excellent tool for students.

The chapters are annotated with vocabulary and context resources. Here is a screenshot. You can see the color-coded annotation along the right side. Some of the annotations contain web links for students to learn more.

One important note, and the only real drawback I can see, is that there are advertisements on the site. I didn’t see anything inappropriate in the ads, but they might not always be the case.

Overall, this site is an excellent resource for teachers and students studying Moby Dick. It’s worth a visit.

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