I had an opportunity to explore a new student assessment application, QuizEgg.

QuizEgg is cross-platform web-based assessment creator. Here is a quick overview of the major features:

Currently, there are six question types: multiple choice, true/false, multiple response, fill in the blank, word list, and essay (essay is the only option that is not automatically scored.)

I created sample quizzes that included all the various question types. All were very easy to use and edit after they were created. Unlike many similar online assessment tools, QuizEgg allows the teacher to assign different point values for each question. The teacher can also include explanations and/or feedback that students will see upon entering their answer. The question creator is a WYSIWYG editor that does allow for dynamic HTML and widgets in the HTML view. I was able to embed a TeacherTube video and Voicethread into my sample quizzes.

The quiz settings can be easily customized. Here are some of the options:

  • Set how many times a user can take a quiz
  • Allow the user to save the quiz and resume later
  • Randomly order the questions in the quiz
  • Specify when the question is graded
  • Display the correct answer to the user (or not)
  • Show the user’s score at the end of the quiz (or not)
  • Display and customized message based on whether the user passed or failed

The quizzes are published to the web with a unique URL address and teachers can apply a passcode to the quiz to increase security. Quizzes can be organized into groups (really, the groups are more or less folders.) Quizzes can be duplicated with one click which makes differentiating very easy. Teachers can create one basic version of a quiz, duplicate it, and customize the duplicates based on student need. For example, one differentiated version could eliminate a distractor, define certain words, reword questions, and/or include question explanations and feedback. The quizzes can also exported for printing.

When students visit a QuizEgg quiz for the first time they will be prompted to register. Luckily, students do NOT need an e-mail address to register, but they do need to register in order for the data to be viewed into the teacher’s question grid summary reports. I have been in contact with one of QuizEgg’s developers and they are looking into ways to allow teachers to bulk register students in advance so that students do not need to self register. Click here to see the landing page for one of my sample quizzes. Teachers DO need an e-mail address to create an account.

What really sets QuizEgg apart from similar applications is the way that the quiz results data can be visualized and organized. There is always a push for teachers to use data to drive instruction and make informed decisions. QuizEgg aggregates the data in very useful tables. The data can also be easily sorted by any of the fields.

  • Who took the quiz
  • The score
  • Which questions the student answered correctly/incorrectly
  • What the student’s answers were
  • How much time the students spend in the quiz
  • How many times the student took the quiz
  • The average score
  • The average time

I like that I can see student progress over time for quizzes that I allow students to take more than once. If teachers are looking to gather data on skill/content mastery, this is a really easy way to track student progress. The results data can also be exported to Excel so that it can be graphed or imported into many student management databases that take .csv file formats.

QuizEgg has a great overview video that walks new users through the process of creating a quiz and managing the results data. Click here to view the video.

There are certainly other web applications that allow teachers to create quizzes and assessments. I have used QuiaWeb and Discovery Education streaming for online assessments. QuizEgg compares very well to the online assessments in those two applications, though the student results data is much robust and usable in QuizEgg. There are also more customization features in QuizEgg. Much like the Progressive Insurance commercials, QuizEgg provides its own product comparison. You can view a comparison of QuizEgg to several of the top quiz applications on the market: Articulate Quizmaker, ExamBuiler, Question Writer, Quiz Builder, and ProProfs.

If you are interested in trying out QuizEgg, click here to register. In my experience, the QuizEgg development team is responsive to feedback. If you think of something that would make QuizEgg even better be sure to contact the development team.

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  1. Jennifer Dorman said:

    I just received an e-mail from one of the QuizEgg developers announcing an upgrade to the student registration features:

    “The bulk registration feature you requested has been implemented (so teachers can register students ahead of quiz time). You’ll find it under Common Tasks on the main page.”

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