Assessment Sites

Calling all new fifth grade teachers!!! This is my first year teaching the North Carolina fifth grade curriculum. (With sixteen years of service teaching every grade from pre-k to 4th) I now have a better understanding of the concept for the television game show “Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader?”

The amount of material to be covered in fifth grade is astonishing. Web surfing has therefore become my newest hobby. All of us are looking for new ideas and with EOG’s over the horizon we all are looking for a neat ways to access what we have taught. Below are a couple neat assessment sites. I have linked the sites to my class blog so that students can use them at home. These would also be great games to play in class.

this is an interactive site for Math and Language Arts

A fantastic EOG assessment resources ( thanks to Gina Bumgarner for sharing great find.)

 I invite you share any great sites that you have found, and be sure to share these with the 3rd and 4th grade teachers ( there are links by grade levels)


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