The Year in E-View

modifysallymflickr2.png Year in E-View. For the first post of the new year, I thought I would share some favorite posts from the DEN blogosphere from 2008.  I took some informal polls,  did some serious review and, wow:  Note : Trolling great, old posts is a dangerous thing.  The DEN home site is like the Brothers Grimm gingerbread house.  Very hard to leave!  But have a cup of coffee and enjoy the links below.  First, some breaking news! Yesterday, Discovery Educaton and CDW-G proudly announced the 7th “Win a Wireless Lab” challenge.  Folks will win a $45k lab!  Check it out here.  Enter!matt-desb.jpg

Now, the Year in E-View, in no particular order:  From Matt Monjan’s blogs, the tips, tricks, and Power of Captioning in his how-to Powerpoint, and its companion; also, the recap of the MovieMaker chromakey trick, the PC movie controls trick, and the older favorite Better Builders. From Master Dembo, the still cool PicsViewer post, the steve-desb.jpgMogulus post, the insane Wii hack, gushy with geek love, and the GoAnimate post.  From the incredible DEN state blogs, the Michigan bloggers like Pam Shoemaker showed how energetic a blog can be. Check out their report from the National Institute,  a series of one, two, and three.  Liked this one, too.Neat what you can do! The Illinois blog showed a little old school graphics, which murmured healthy hybrid to me.   The Pennsylvania blog is a treasure in its entirety. Just go and start reading. Webmaster Jen Dorman builds her own incomparable gingerbread house.  Caffeine required.  Joe Brennan showed that blogs can inform, teach, and jendorman3.pnginspire.  The posts for the Young Scientist Challenge did all that, with an informative, wise, tip-rich post. His brennan-desb.jpgtrip back in time to 1968 made me wonder what digital/3D/holographic format the class of ’09 will use for their future high school reunions.  Joe, like Matt and Steve, offers a blog with consistently quality information.  From my own blog, I’ll regurgitate the Magic X-Ray machine and the use of old camcorders as great webcams.  The GoogleEarth and iPod fun were really 2007…

Worthy, too was the post on CoolIrisVoiceThread, and Brad Fountain’s original post about inserting media via HTML in Google Earth.  Jannita’s David, Steve’s rant on cellphones on Teach42, and finally Letting Students Teach are all worth remembering.

jannitadavid.jpgFrom a great ’08 to a fine ’09!

New Year pic modified from Flickr, (thanks, “SallyM”), via Creative Commons saerch engine.


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    Fixed. Damn quick for an a guy who graduated in 1968. A great year for many things, by the way. Dem convention in Chicago comes to mind. My, how things change.

  2. Jennifer Dorman said:

    Thanks for the props for the PA blog. RJ Stangherlin also blogs for PA. Most of the wonderfully reflective and thought-provoking posts are RJ’s – I tend to limit most of my posts to tech tool reviews. My personal favorites are those reviews I can post before Dembo has a chance to blog about them 🙂

    Is it a problem if this is what I bring to work everyday, filled with Tchibo or or Dallmayer coffee?

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    Good to know about the stars in the PA blog. RJ is a national treasure, of course. She and I spent a long night in the Pope room at a restaurant and created a podcast that even Joe Brennan won’t share. Tip of the hat to RJ! Another great reason to read the gold star PA blog.

  4. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Thank you to both of you for including me, but really, the lion’s share of posts come from Jen. One of these days, Hall, I would love to hear that podcast. Happy New Year, however belated. Hope to see you at PETE&C.

  5. Joe Brennan said:

    RJ, I assume you have that cast off by now. I’ll have to dig for those sound files from the Pope’s Room at Buca di Beppo in Denver. Will have to be a strictly cash transaction don’t you think, Hall? Returned to the scene of the crime in more ways than one there (Pope’s Room in Lombard, IL). Met with classmates from ’68 to honor our rector and remember a classmate who passed away on Christmas day from ALS. Always be great memories and great fun associated with that room, whatever city it’s in.

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