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Image representing Fuser as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseAs one who always struggles to manage a substantial digital persona with as little fuss as possible, Fuser is an absolute must. Like other social productivity applications, such as Ping.fm and AtomKeep, Fuser is now part of my online networking arsenal.

Fuser is a service that manages your social networking accounts (MySpace and Facebook), multiple e-mail accounts, and your Twitter feed. And, it does all of this in an easy-to-navigate integrated inbox interface.

If you want to learn how to set up and manage your Fuser account, click here to view the screencast tutorials. When you create your Fuser account an integrated pop-up tour walks you through the features and orients you to the interface.

I integrated my Gmail account and all my Gmail tags/folders came over as well. I can create new folders from within Fuser and see them in my main Gmail page. When I delete an e-mail in Fuser, it’s deleted in Gmail. I can send messages from Fuser, though, there is a serious drawback; my Gmail signature is not included when I send from Fuser. That might be something for Fuser to consider as a possible upgrade.

Of course, I can Tweet from Fuser and can track my full Twitter feed.

From my perspective, this is a really terrific application. I have been using it for two days and I can honestly say that is has saved time. Now, if only they could integrate an RSS aggregator and Plurk . . .

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  1. Nancy said:

    Hi Jen,

    Always love reading your informative posts and have gone over to check out Fuser, because, quite frankly, the thought of a one-stop website is extremely appealing! Here’s the thing…I’m always concerned about sharing my password to my various accounts with third-party apps. And with the recent spamming with Twitter I’ve become even more wary.

    I’d be very interested to hear what are your thoughts on this? And what would you suggest we do to keep our passwords secure as we register for these types of websites?

    Thanks…and thanks for all the work you do to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

  2. Jennifer Dorman said:

    Hi Nancy,

    It’s funny you mention that concern as it was one I considered before logging in to test Fuser.

    One thing that I am much more careful of doing now is making sure that I have different passwords and user names for services. Of course, that requires that I maintain a file of all those user names and passwords . . .

    I think that any time you provide a service with your user name and/or password you do potentially open up yourself to possible hacking. As we know from what happened to Gov. Palin, even your personal e-mail is not entirely safe.

    I would suggest that if you decide to register for services that ask you to provide user names/passwords for other services that you are vigilant in checking those services. For instance, the recent Twitter issue was initially discovered by a user who happened to check his DM sent page and realized that there were many messages there that he did not create. That is also how some Facebook users realized that their FB accounts were hacked, they checked their profile pages and saw wall posts that originated from their account that they did not create.

    I also look on my browser status bar to assure that applications I am using have valid security certificates.

    I hope that helps.

  3. Nancy said:

    Thanks for your prompt reply Jen. I too have different usernames/passwords. My Excel spreadsheet now exceeds 6 pages! LOL

    I am vigilant about checking for possible hacking of my accounts, but I’m always leery. Didn’t someone post somewhere about a service that took all your usernames/passwords and encrypted them so they could be used in apps similar to Fuser? Wish I could remember where I saw that (and of course, at the time, I never thought I would need such a service and therefore failed to bookmark it! LOL).

    So here’s a shout-out to all you readers, if you know the service of which I write, please post the url in the Comments section. Thanks in advance!

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