No RSS Feed? – Problem Solved with Feedbeater

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Image representing Feedbeater as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseI’ve been waiting for service like Feedbeater to emerge on the scene for a long time. I have used Dapper to create manual RSS feeds for sites that do not already publish one, but those feeds didn’t always work very well. The feeds I’ve created as tests with Feedbeater look a lot slicker in my Google Reader than do my Dapper-created feeds.

What does Feedbeater do?

If you have a URL that you would like to syndicate, FeedBeater will beat the RSS out of it.

How does Feedbeater do it?

diffbot‘s core service monitors any URL for changes in content, then classifies and decodes the document’s structure.

By identifying new content, filtering out unimportant content (comment counters, ads, etc etc), clean and intelligent RSS feeds can be built from any URL.

introducing FeedBeater from diffbot on Vimeo.

You can also turn your static websites into RSS feeds by embedding the Feedbeater widget. You can also add a Feedbeater bookmarklet to your browser favorites to make it easier to create feeds as you surf the web.

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