We're up & updating! Resolving to blog in 2009

az_flagstamp.jpg Many DEN members access the blog looking for upcoming events. You’ve come to the right place – stay tuned for more information about Cartwright District’s “Day of Discovery” scheduled for February. It will be open to educators from other districts in AZ. Announcements and registration information will appear soon on IDEAL and in this blog. 

Are you accessing Discoveryeducation Streaming through the IDEAL portal and the Curriculum Resources link? To help gather more accurate usage statistics, it is important that ADE “sees” the numbers through IDEAL. Discovery provides single-sign-on access through IDEAL for your convenience and you are also able to access a plethora of companion resources in that environment. Please logon through IDEAL and tell a friend! http//www.ideal.azed.gov   Helpdesk 480.965.9411 

5,000th Video Added
Celebrate a milestone in educational technology history as Discovery Education streaming adds its 5,000th video. Additionally, when you login through IDEAL you will have access to a new MyDE page that allows you to preview the newest additions to the Discovery Education media library as well as find “On This Day” resources.

If you are already a DEN member, enjoy even more advantages by becoming a Star educator. Click on the link for more information. 

Please add your comments to the blog and tell all of us how you are using DE in your classroom. For example, I like to edit the font in close captioned videos to make it larger and yellow (for more contrast). If you’d like to know how – ask me, and I’ll post it here.

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  1. darcy white said:

    if you all want some help, i could manage the blog~ i think i need a project.
    Taking students to DC in Feb, so it might be a great time, for the new 2.0 presidency!
    If i can still be involved…


  2. Vicki said:

    Hey Darcy – Don’t quite know yet what is happening with the status of the AZ DEN blog. Did you see that your own blogspace is immediately available in the small box with the headshot and your profile information? I’m trying to attend quite a few of the webinars about the “new” DEN, DE is suggesting changes to our structure and function. Stay tuned! Are your students creating 2.0 projects related to the inauguration – I’d love to share that information here. Vicki

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