Join the DENinSL 12/2009 Flickr Group!

I’ve been watching the growth of numerous 365/[fill in the year] groups.  In fact, I even administer one == EdTech 365/2009 and I thought this might be a great thing to have for all of us SLers out there!

To that end, I’ve created a DENinSL 12/2009 Flickr group and you’re all welcomed to join!  Since this is a ‘by invitation only’ group, please send me an e-mail to laelia [dot] laval [at] gmail [dot] com (or, if you’re like me, I prefer the old fashioned !!! LOL) and I’ll be sure to send an invitation your way.  The e-mail you receive will be from ‘Ed Tech Diva’ (my other aka) and you just simply click on the link and log in with your Flickr id (or create a Yahoo! id) and that’s it!

Rather than attempt a ‘365’ project (phew…..that WOULD be a ‘little’ daunting), I’ve made it a ’12’ project — that’s one shot a month (something I believe we can ALL manage).  This will also help to build your photography skills in SL.  Snap away and when you’ve got the shot you’d like to submit just add it to the group.  Please be sure to include a SLurl and of course, we’re ALWAYS interested in the story behind the shot, or some information about the location or event.


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