Digitally Fit


We interrupt this regularly scheduled webinar to bring you the first in a series of three webinars offered twice each day to help you keep that New Year’s resolution to get fit. We’ve bumped my originally slated presentation on sharing students’ videos on January 13th for “Checking Your Digital Pulse” offered at both 4pm and 7pm EST. I can use the prep time this week to polish up my FETC presentation a bit more and I can fill you in on the sharing/publishing sites in future blog posts. You, on the other hand, get a life improving opportunity to learn, be inspired and share over the next four weeks.

tyson_headshot.jpg      And if it’s Digital Storytelling that you want, we have one of the best examples of empowering students and letting their voices be heard in Dr. Tim Tyson. Hall was on a webcast panel, “Students as Producers,” with Tim 2 years ago during NECC Atlanta. Then Hall, Steve and I sat together on the last day of the conference and were energized by his closing keynote. You can register for Tim’s 7pm EST January 21st webinar “Taking a Look at the Classroom of Tomorrow Today: What Will It Look Like?” here.

Pulse picture photo credit – Finding a Pulse & Mouth-to-Mouth. Churchill Media. 1990. Discovery Education. 12 January 2009 <>


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