Time — Warped!


Video, as we all know, offers instant access to student attention.  Video takes you across time, across boundaries, include microscopic and macroscopic boundaries.  But video can also slow time and bend it to reveal physical phenomenon laying under day to day experiences.  To see what I mean, visit the website for Discovery’s program Time Warp.  Go here for an amazing interactive gallery.  Watch popcorn popcorn pop (see images above)–and control time with your mouse.  See a bullwhip break the sound barrier (that’s why they make that snapping sound).  Samurai swords, sledge hammers, cornstarch-and-water (“non-Newtonian Fluid”) and more.  Remember Mentos and Diet timewarp2.pngCoke?  Time Warp slowed it down 5,000 times.  Gush! Challenge the minds in your class:  When milk is poured too fast into cereal, does it slosh out of the bowl under the cereal or behind the cereal?  Move your mouse slo-oo-wly to reveal the secret.  A great thought provoker.  And a reminder that time is a factor, usually invisible,  in all things (plate tectonics comes to mind.

More resources:  PlayingWithTime, actual times from 200 microseconds to 3.2 billion years and time lapse lives out on the community video sites.  But it’s not interactive like the Time Warp site!

Here’s a guy that ages 6 years in 5 minutes.  Check out the haircuts.  And school have been videotaping the yard, and the streets in front of the school, then speeding them up in iMovie, Windows MovieMaker, or Adobe.  I love those “Day in the Life Videos”.  Think about what you can do!

And if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art classroom, don’t forget to throw your hat in the ring here!  Remember, you can enter once a day.  And that’s day that can last a lifetime.  Below: what a tomato….knew it when it was just off the vine.


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  1. Janell Larson said:

    I am looking forward to using Discovery’s time warp and Playing With Time for quick searches in the library. Wow! Cool! I’m sure my students will feel the same way.

  2. Denise said:

    This is an really cool idea! It took forever for me to load an interactive clip but it was worth it 100%. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Joanie Beckenhauer said:

    I loved the time warp videos. I especially liked the popcorn and the guy that took the water balloon to the face (and yes, i saw him blink!) Very cool stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Rod Murray said:

    Time Warp is an excellent addition to the Discovery resources!

  5. Rod Murray said:

    I am impressed with Time Warp and many of the resources buried at DE. Just need more “time” to explore them all before school begins again.

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