Finding Great Web2.0 Tools

At my school, I frequently send out emails and printed tech updates that contain information on some new cool Web2.0 site I discovered.  Naturally, they are all free (teachers don’t have any money).  Without fail, I get more than a few questions that all sound alike, “Where do you find this stuff?”  Usually that’s followed by some snide remark about not having time to do it for themselves, or I need to get a life.

For the DEN, some of the answers are obvious.  I get great Web2.0 resources from blogs by Steve Dembo, Brad Fountain, Matt Monjan and more.  But there are other ways that these things just seem to “fall in my lap.”

Personal Learning Network

First, I am working on a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook.  While I use these sites to also connect to family and friends, my main focus remains building my PLN.  These educators come from all around the world and frequently post links to great Web2.0 sites.  I also connected with a great Diigo DEN group managed by Jennifer Dorman.  DEN members from around the world post bookmarks to great Web2.0 tools and they conveniently come to my email inbox!

Blog Reader

I subscribe to Bloglines for my RSS feeds.  I know others swear by a multitude of sites, but I chose Bloglines at the beginning and sort of have an attachment to it (even when it goes berserk and shows 200 new feeds on every one of the blogs I’m following.  I subscribe to different types of blogs (photography, writing, Web2.0, professional sites, and more).  Some of the blogs I use that lead me Web2.0 sites include Dean Shareski’s Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech, Instructify, Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day, Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day, and MakeUseOf.  I also use Web2.0 for Parents and YPulse to help me connect with sites for my students and parents interests.


My favorite website to do my own searching for Web2.0 sites is Go2Web20.  There are many others available, but I really like to look and feel of this site.


How do you find Web2.0 resources?   Leave me a comment!


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